30% of the Protocol revenues for $POSI & $PTX holders

  • “We are pleased to inform you that the APR has been updated to the correct value. Additionally, we have reserved 30% of the Protocol revenues for $POSI & $PTX holders. The distribution ratio will be determined through a governance voting process. Keep an eye out for further updates.”*

Hi @justin
please do not forget POSI holders in the posichain mainnet. The staking reward is a meagre 19% now and we are still staked there. Our contributions also count towards stability of the project. These holding must be counted towards any revenue distribution !!



Did you know that posichain is a standalone L1 blockchain? these 30% for holders are distributed in the bnb chain, how can they be distributed also for validators of a completely different blockchain? how do you represent it technically? when trading is also available on posichain, it is possible that the team will also launch a pool for liquidity in derivatives trading on posichain

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I do not know how and it’s normal for me not to know as an investor!! I have about 31k Posi delegated to node! While transferring from BNB to Posichain, I have paid RFI too!

So, saying that, do you encourage me and other investors of my group to undelegate/unstake and revert back to BNB chain??? Look, I, and my followers as a group of investors want my money there, where it’s rewarded justifiably. Any way, I will wait for justin’s answer!

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Hi JPGdoc,

We understand your concerns regarding the distribution of the protocol revenues to $POSI & $PTX holders. We appreciate your support as a staked POSI holder on the POSI Chain mainnet. Your contribution towards the stability of the project is highly valued and will not be overlooked.

Regarding the distribution ratio, we have decided to reserve 30% of the protocol revenues for $POSI & $PTX holders. However, the final distribution method will be determined through a governance voting process, taking into consideration the opinions and suggestions of all the stakeholders.

And, as Willsun pointed out, there may be some technical difficulties in implementing cross-chain distribution. Nonetheless, I am confident that we can find a solution that benefits all holders. I will be proposing a proposal for further discussion and would appreciate your participation in finding the best solution that requires a little effort from all of us but is ultimately valuable for the stability and growth of the project.

Thank you


I think, I replied before I saw your post!! Thanks for your words.

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Will this 30% sharing revenues can also in with our native POSI Bonds / NFT Justin ?
I have Bond 1, 2, 3 and NFT, now all in the stake to get $PTX

As I have previously stated that we aim to find a solution that is advantageous to all stakeholders. I will soon be presenting a proposal for further discussion, and I would welcome your involvement in finding the most practical solution. Although it may require some contribution from everyone, it will ultimately be worth it for the stability and progress of the project.


POSI - Buy Burn
PTX - can be reserved for liquidity pool.

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Justin, For the 30% I have a suggestion:

Create a pool for POSI and PTX with 2 rules :
1- Locked :lock: for at least 30 days (the more time locked higher the APR)

2- Deposite Fee 0.5% - 3% (The collected fee could be used for lot of things such as development or even Burning)

I can guarantee you people would love it.


Hello, I would like to know if the team intends to end this ptx vesting system, with the delivery of the dex?

it would be interesting to have in Futures Staking, for those who put Busd in the pools, that they should have a minimum amount of Posi or PTX in a specific pool, for Posi or PTX to capture value in this Futures Staking, as it does not necessarily need to have Posi or PTX to be able to participate in this Pool, if you had a condition of having a minimum of 1000 Posi or 2000 PTX in Staking, it would automatically create demand for both tokens and decrease sales!!


Hi @Justin, you said 30% of DPTP’s revenue goes to the Posi holders. How does it work exactly? Bsc only? Posichain? New chain? Or all 3? How does it work do you have to keep your posi in the wallet or do you also get a piece if you are in a pool or a farm?


Will be accumulate or all chain because it’s protocol revenues and about mechanism I want to know too because all my POSI staked (bonds, farm), better all bond holder can stake into Protocol Revenue

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Hi Radope,

Regarding the distribution of revenue for DPTP, we are planning to make the mechanism public and make it beneficial for all holders across different chains. We are currently exploring various options and weighing their advantages and disadvantages before proposing and selecting one.

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Yes, please also consider Posi Bond Holder, NFT, together with a single token… Maybe ended PTX earnings