5% for liquidity reserves

I think it’s necessary to distribute revenue for liquidity reserves, maybe 5% for liquidity reserves.

10% goes to the flexible Pool
25% is allocated to the 30D Pool
35% is directed to the 90D Pool
25% Posi Holder
5% Liquidity Reserves

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Hi Geen,

Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate your input and will definitely consider it. It’s important for us to consider all options when it comes to revenue distribution, as it directly impacts our community and ecosystem. We want to make sure that the decisions we make are fair, balanced and in the best interest of all parties involved. Our goal is to continue to grow and improve our platform and community, and we believe that finding the right distribution structure is a crucial part of this process. We will keep you informed and updated on any changes that may come in the future though posts and proposals.

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please consider distributing some of the rewards for liquidity reserves

today’s incident 16/02/2023 can be a lesson, we are running out of liquidity.

As an investor, I prefer a fair percentage of rewards and projects can be successful and long term.

instead of getting a high percentage of rewards, but it turns out that the project dies in a short time, and my investment loses.

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Yes I totally aggreed with you. Liquidity is important