About marketing

@Dragon instead of doing 5,000,000 airdrop if give that 5 million to binance they will take care of posi bro. But doing airdrop that much quantity it’s risky bro it effects price too much.
With that 5 million we can do complete pending listings or partnerships


Everyone doesn’t care about our opinion! Developer bots will receive these coins and sell them immediately, the price will fall again! They don’t think about the holders at all.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thank you for your concern about our airdrop plans. We understand that airdrops can have an impact on token price, and we are taking measures to ensure that the impact is minimal.

Regarding your suggestion to give the funds to Binance instead, we appreciate the idea, but we believe that it’s important to have a diversified approach to marketing and partnerships. While Binance is a great exchange, we can’t rely solely on them to promote our project. Let’s not forget we are an exchange ourselves.

As for the 5 million funds, we are using them for a variety of purposes, including marketing, partnerships, and product development. We are carefully balancing these priorities to ensure that we are making the most effective use of the funds available to us.

We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue to share your ideas with us. Our goal is to build a strong and sustainable project that benefits all of our users and investors