An idea for a future PTX utility and a bit for POSI

Idea for ptx utility. The idea is to share the total income with the dex posi between the community. How it might look, let’s say 2 weeks have passed, and thanks to all the dex functions, the platform has earned $ 1 million, and voting is automatically carried out by DAO, (but not all 100% will go to this) the distribution of these funds can be where possible, 70 % for distribution among holders, 20% to the posichain development fund, 10% for developers. and then you can choose how this income (70/100%) went to ptx/posi holders, I see 2 options, this is by staking, where people add ptx (90%) and posi (10%) and 80% of this stake to the pool , burned, 10% goes to mint nft top 3 in each category, and 10% is returned back, you can make a limit, let’s say only 1000 people can participate in order to get stablecoins, you can even divide the mining power into 3 shooting ranges, 1tier range, this is from 100 to 5k ptx, 2tier from 5k to 50k ptx, 3tier from 50k to 500k ptx, and in each such type, the mining power will be adjusted so that everyone gets a good income, let’s say by that time ptx will cost $0.1 and a person who managed to get into these conditional 1000 happy farmers could expect to earn at least 2x the price of ptx at the time of the snapshot, that is, he spent $10 on 100ptx and could take at least $20, you can take a snapshot at closing voting to calculate how many stablecoins are needed for each of the tiers, so that the distribution gives a good income, relative to the price of ptx at the time of the snapshot, and based on this, calculate how many people can farm in this pool on a particular distribution, depending on where he is in his group, and can be divided into 3 categories, as I used to and wrote about the volume of the steak, and here about the reward for each of them tier1- 15%, tier2- 35%, tier3- 50%, and the more coins you have for each of the tiers, the greater the percentage you will receive in your dash, but what about nfrй, they will be issued to each of the tiers, 1st place 1 of the tier will receive NFT, 1st and 2nd place of Tier 2 will receive NFT, Tier 3- 1,2,3 place will receive NFT, this will have ptx or posi in the provision, that is, places that received NFT will be able to exchange it for the same amount that they staked in this pool + NFT owners can put their NFT in this pool in advance, and thereby reserve a place in this pool, but doing this, NFT burns out, because after a while a situation may arise that nft is too much if they are not burned for the right to be guaranteed to be on the list for happy farming. And ordinary mortals can receive “tickets” For various activities on dex, whether it’s a swap, adding liquidity, participating in voting, participating in special events, hodle project coins, and the more “tickets” a user has, the more chances he will receive for an invite in the distribution profit dex.
Option 2: The lottery is similar in structure to staking, there will also be 3 tiers, and the same distribution in%, but guaranteed prizes (nft) in accordance with their investments will receive only 1st tier 1, 1.2 tier 2, and 1,2,3 tier 3 tier, but the security of their nft will not be fixed (10%), but from 5% to 10% (depending on luck), and in each of the tiers (that is, one address in each tier), but which did not take prizes, with some probability, the same nft can fall out, which can then be exchanged for ptx / posi, it will also be random, in theory, a person can put his 100 ptx (and 10posi) in the lottery and if he is lucky, he will get nft which can be exchanged for a couple of hundred or even thousands of ptx/posi, thus this option is more suitable for people with little resources, and there will also be conditionally 1000 places, an invite to which can be obtained for activities on the platform, 1 option is suitable for whales with large capital, they will vote for it, and option 2 is suitable for the majority, because there is a chance to make 10-50x from investments, they will vote for it, (democracy: D)

It seems to me that a similar distribution system, through a kind of game, which also benefits the platform, because in order to get a place in the list of winners, where you can get 2x with minimal investment, you need to be an active user and use the platform as much as possible
Although it does not look too complicated (for me), it seems to me that the implementation of such functions is not an easy thing, because you need to collect (although it seems like web3 does not collect user data) and analyze a lot of data, maybe the implementation of such a system is possible with Oracle
But it seems to me that this is feasible, and very useful for the platform in the future, when posi dex becomes in demand and popular
I just shared an idea that popped into my head, nothing more :smiley:
But if something like this is implemented in the future, then write on it somewhere of the type:
by Willsun

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