Bets game with Posi

I’m a Posi lover. We know, the market is not good and Posi is too. So I have ideas, make bet games ( etc) with Posi.
The main features are:

  • Pay game with BNB, USDT, BUSD, POSI,…
  • 70% buyback and burn POSI
  • 10% for system maintenance
  • 20% for top winners ( the base idea)

Note: with the game pay with Posi, the fee will use for buyback and burn PTX

Above are some ideas, feel free comments, and give me more idea.
This is a community project, if you are a developer and want to contribute code, you can DM me.


That’s a great idea to involve the community in spreading the POSI ecosystem. Please add JustinPosition on GitHub and I’ll help with some PRs.


We could have developed another betting system based on DPTP price. Guess the price for next 5/10/15 mins/1 hr/daily and bet for a instrument. Win based on accuracy!! An alternative to options trading kind of.

Great, I know u are a super coder, will be helpful so much :raised_hands:

I know, but this project DPTP from Posi team. The project I told above is from holders, who help scales the ecosystem of Posi.

then Lucas, I want to see several projects within the posi ecosystem, games interest me a lot and the betting system is interesting, including I have already passed a model here on the forum, but was not forward or discussed, I see that the team has no capital or people to work in other areas, only after the release of futurX, after the updates of dex, meanwhile as a community we can organize and seek programmers interested in developing something for posichain, for this it is necessary to discuss, ask, research, question, in the case of your betting platform let’s think, the 70% profit going to buyback and burn is too high because the winners will only have 20%, this does not attract because it is a betting system that the possibility of losing is huge, I would encourage 50% for winners, 40% for buyback and burn and 10% can discuss what to do, a fund posi? Stay for the people who had the idea and contributed for the project to get off the paper, etc, is something to think about, what do you think?