Call new dptp as PosEx

Hi Justin,

I think it will be easier to call it PosEx.
Why it will be good idea:

  1. Why we need call it ForEx as it is not only Currencies or Shares. It is PosEx
  2. We need to call it PosEx as it will be combination of everything ForEx, Stock Market, Dptp. If you will call it just ForEx or dptp, people will not understand what exactly you can trade it
  3. We need to call PosEx as it is part of Position Exchange website and this name will indicate that. From SEO (Search Engine Optimization) prospective it is smart way to call it PosEx
    A) you will be spend less time and money to increase awareness of the new PosEx.
    B) When people will google Position Exchange or PosEx, one of your website will come out and they will visit it. It doesn’t matter which website or name they will use it, but it will bring users to Position Exchange.
  4. It is also branding prospective slogan: “why you need ForEx when you have PosEx.”
    “Have you heard about PosEx? You mean ForEx? No it is PosEx. One stop shop for trading. Just Remember PosEx.”
  5. Branding, you can also write ForEx and cross the letter F and put letter P.
  6. PosEx it is easy memorizable than any ideas I saw on forum.
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man, I’m amazed that you make up non-existent dialogues between people, in support of the fact that the name is good, it’s like you are presenting something and doing a puppet show as a convincing argument, very funny.
And you think that all people will write posEx? 99% will write everything with a small letter, it makes sense for them to highlight E? when you write OKX in a search engine, always in capital letters?
one more thing, I already wrote in another topic about this, why try to copy someone’s name, but in the manner of posi? it initially looks like copy-paste, or as an attempt to do the same thing, but supposedly with different letters,
posex doesn’t sound very good, I’m speaking for myself personally, this name hurts the ear, and it just doesn’t “sound” very well, not to mention how it’s spelled

and so