Cant unstake and harvest my Allocation in BUSD VAULT

Hello guys, i am not able for more then two weeks to unstake or harvest my BUSD Vault allocation.
I opend a Ticket and it said that it was send to Dev Team for further checking… but nothing happend for weeks now…
How can i fix the Problem?

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Hello dear user, we are so sorry to hear you have such a situation. Would you please open a ticket on our discord server and tag me there to check your case personally :hugs:


did you mange to get this resolved ?

I am now skeptical about staking in the BUSD Vault.

Is it not automated through smart contracts ? why would it be failing for over 2 weeks ?

also why did the support team ghosted you by email ?

Could you solve it? I have the same problem!

No!! it still doesnt work!

I did all this and till now nothing happend?