Community Self Promotion Group!


In each Project, the community has a very important role to play. Have a look at Shib, Dogecoin and Babydoge, all community driven with just sentiments and almost none utility! Posi community really sucks at supporting the project, most of the messages in the Telegram group are negative, about bugs and resentment while real holders don’t bother to take much part!

I have been in the CMC community for quite long, and promotion in the form of community messages there, definitely have an impact.

Example, I have two accounts and just see the top message of BISWAP page is mine, with just a few likes and two-three replies, which divert attention of BISWAP visitors to POSI page.

I agree, this won’t have any ‘b-o-o–o-o-m’ effect, but it’s fun, and necessity of the hour.

I need volunteers, who have coinmarketcap social handles and can like and post each others posts there.


I hope, you don’t mind this @justin

This is a great idea, and the community’s support is crucial to us. From the start, our goal has been to make the project truly community-driven, and contributions like this are greatly appreciated. In the near future, I’ll be putting forth some ideas to empower the community and shift the balance of power away from the development team and myself, making Position Exchange a truly community driven project.