Community's feedback matters

Dear Community,

We would like to invite you to share your feedback on your experience with our platform. Your feedback is critical to help us improve our services and provide you with a better experience.

We appreciate all types of feedback, including both positive and negative, and we want to make sure we hear from as many of our users as possible. Therefore, we kindly request you to provide us with your honest feedback on the following areas:

  1. User interface and user experience
  2. Trading experience with Dex2.0
  3. Speed and reliability of the platform
  4. Customer support and communication

We value your feedback and appreciate your time and effort in helping us improve our services. Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the chatroom, and we will carefully review and consider all the feedback received.

Please note that we have already identified some issues related to DPTP funds, profits, and liquidity being stuck, and we are working to provide liquidity and refunds to our users gradually but constantly. You can trace it in

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our platform.

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In a scale of 1 to 10

1. User Interface & user experience : 8/10

Overall great and attractive interface. I feel this is the strongest point of Position Exchange at this moment

2. Trading Experience with Dex 2.0: 6/10
Trading on Dex V2 has been fairly OK. Liquidity is still low and spreads are higher. Low Gas is great.

3. Speed and Reliability of the Platform: 6/10
Speed has been good. Reliability is fairly ok. This doesn’t include DPTP.

4. Customer Support and Communication: 1/10

Community managers do not know, what issue going on in the back end. Their version always keep changing. Lately they have not been receptive when talked about bugs or short comings. Seems they are never updated by Devs on any issues.


I agree and just to add on #4. The Mods/Admins/Assistants/CS or whatever their titles are, I feel should have just a little more insight. Not asking for all the sensitive information but I just feel they do not know enough information on what is happening behind the scenes, they seem (to me at least) to only find out about project updates at the same time as the community. And when asked, us members usually just get linked to the articles that are already published for us to just read over cause that is all the info they have or like the generic they will check with the team or what not. But the problem is sometimes some interpret the articles wrong too. So i feel like is there even some indepth training internally before those articles are released? I dont know if that is still the case now as I don’t ask much questions anymore and I just read and interpret myself but my point is they are our direct communication bridge with the key members of POSI so I feel like they should all have more support and give them more information for a deeper insight at least to help us users, especially to keep us somewhat informed with some things the team is working on behind the scenes. There are A LOT of admins there, and don’t get me wrong, they all are pretty supportive and have great personalities, but none of them have that MUCH more info than us members.


1: 6.5/10
experience with the platform 8.5/10 ( not 10/10 because there is not much to do on the platform, it works fine, but I would not say that this is what I was always looking for, so far posi, it is still a swap / farm / trade, and posi does not look like some kind of ecosystem, moreover, a successful ecosystem (but so far ((I hope))
But the site is not impressive at all, maybe someone will say that it should be so, but I would like to see a more interesting site that will be different from all others, and at the same time will be very convenient and fast, and the current site is just normal, and everyone here 5/10
2: 6/10
The experience is positive, I bought a couple of times on the spot exchange, everything works fine (9/10)
but due to the fact that there is no liquidity at all, and the fact that there are almost no people actively trading on dex, one gets the impression of some kind of forgotten project, or a dying one, in general, -3 points for this
3: 8/10
everything is fine, but it could be better
4: 4/10
I would put 1 out of 10 if you still did not answer anyone, but still, after many days, after tons of messages about the requirement to provide answers, you still answer, although not so detailed, and not to all questions, but still answer
and there is a feeling that for timely support and answers to emerging questions from the community, there is simply no person who is competent enough, and that he is responsible for communicating with the community