Compare Position Exchange to its competitors

hello @everyone
We like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support of Position Exchange :green_heart:. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your ongoing support and feedback.

At Position Exchange, we take pride in our unique features that set us apart from our competitors. Our platform offers a trading experience like no other, utilizing crosschain technology to provide seamless and secure trades. Our growing user base of traders and liquidity providers in the last version of our DPTP ( which will be called Futurx in new version) promised a succeeding future. While the new plan for our Futures Perpetual Trading is being set, lets take the opportunity and discuss an important topic with you.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we want to hear from you. We invite you to share your thoughts and opinions on how Position Exchange compares to our competitors based on these five factors:

Technology, User base, Market share, Development, and Reputation.

What are our strengths, and where do we have room to improve? What sets us apart, and how can we continue to be a leader in the decentralized exchange space?

We value your input and feedback as we strive to make Position Exchange the best it can be. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us on our social media platforms or through our customer support channels. We are dedicated to listening to our community and taking actionable steps to improve our platform and take over the market from our competitors.

Thank you again for your continued support of Position Exchange. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing our journey together.


-First of all, no matter how innovative technology posi has, he is not even close to “leader in the decentralized exchange space” he is still one of the many who wants to be a leader or at least one of them
-Secondly, no matter how “hamstered” it sounds, but in such a crypto market that is now, the success of a project is measured by its place in the CMC, and only then there are other factors and indicators
-Thirdly, I would advise people managing these projects to understand who they are and where they are now, ambition is very good when we talk about a competitive market, but to say that the project is a “leader” or one of the market leaders in its field, and at the same time it is in 1000+ place, on the most famous “yardstick” on the market (I’m talking about cmc)
this at least makes you look at the creators, or those who make such statements, with a condescending smirk

  • Fourthly, sometimes it seems to me that the creators themselves do not understand where they are moving and what to develop, and they are looking for answers from the community, saying “what would you like us to do?”
    In my humble opinion, since you asked, what I see as a successful project is when its creators understand the needs of their client, and take both short and long term steps to satisfy current users, improve current and future features, and take strategic steps to expand the base. users, without harming current users
    remark - we need a clear long-term plan for everything that has already been done and what is planned to be done, otherwise we still do not see a specific and understandable roadmap
    As if posi is not moving along the exact course with some edits, but where the wind blows
    And the most important thing is that posi blood from the nose needs success, and nothing else, now no one wants to invest in this project, because it has been falling in price for more than a year, and the end of this autumn is not yet in sight, because personally, I stopped hoping for some kind of update that will reverse this downward, one-year-old trend, either “x hunters” or random rogues are now investing in this project
    “SUCCESS OR DEATH” is the slogan of the current situation with posi,
    no matter how depressing

Dear @Willsun ,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We appreciate your honest and constructive criticism, as it helps us better understand the needs and concerns of our users.

Regarding your first point, we understand that the decentralized exchange space is highly competitive, and while we strive to be a leader in this space, we recognize that we still have work to do to achieve that goal.

We also appreciate your perspective on the importance of our place on CMC. While we believe that our success should be measured by a combination of factors, including our technology, user base, development, and reputation, we understand the significance of CMC and will continue to work towards improving our standing.

We agree that it is important to understand our users’ needs and take both short and long-term steps to satisfy them. We value your suggestions and will take them into consideration as we continue to improve our platform and roadmap.

we understand the frustration surrounding our recent price trend. We want to assure you that we are committed to the long-term success of Position Exchange, and we will continue to work tirelessly to improve our platform and attract new users.

Thank you again for your feedback, and please know that we are listening and taking your suggestions seriously.

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My ratings in the scale 1-10 will be as follows:-

Technology - 8
User base. - 1
Market share. - 1
Development - 4
Reputation - 1

Strengths: - Ability to dream and implement in the line of thought is limitless. Team work along with commitment is commendable.

Weaknesses: Well there are many.

  1. You dream to develop something and suddenly be successful overnight. No, it will never be like this. Every bits and pieces matter in a project. You developed POSI exchange V3, then what? will it be successful by itself based on technology??? Rather you should keep doing IDO, partnerships, launchpads, new liquidity pools and at least some form of marketing always.

  2. One thing at a time attitude:- Everything should go hand in hand. DPTP developments will always be there, but that doesn’t mean the dex should be orphaned. There are many dexes who are doing good only being dex. Right now we are good at nothing.

  3. No partnerships at all:- A project’s development is never assessed based only on technology, rather partnerships play a great role in the finances, trust level, and reputation. You can’t move ahead alone. Have you noticed that our CMC rank dropped from 600 to 1300? That means 700 other projects have moved ahead of us and many of them move hand in hand.

  4. Not doing things timely. A small example, you are not even trying to list yourself as exchange in the CMC and almost stopped updating articles, announcements there. Fuds will never end. There will never be a better time. Everyday matters!!!

Finally at this stage, I would say look at yourself in the mirror rather than comparing with others


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and providing ratings on various aspects of our platform. We appreciate your rating of our technology and commendation of our team’s ability to dream and implement new ideas.

We understand your concerns about our weaknesses, including our user base, market share, development, and reputation. We agree that building a successful project takes more than just technology and that partnerships, marketing, and timely actions are crucial.

We appreciate your suggestion to focus on multiple aspects of our platform simultaneously and understand the importance of balancing DPTP developments and our DEX. We are committed to improving our offerings and exploring partnerships that align with our vision and values.

Regarding our CMC rank and communication, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and are actively working to improve our presence and communication on various platforms. We agree that timely actions and consistent updates are important for building trust and reputation.

Finally, we appreciate your suggestion to look at ourselves in the mirror rather than comparing ourselves to others. While we value benchmarking ourselves against competitors to improve, ultimately, our success depends on our own efforts and dedication.

Thank you again for your feedback and suggestions. We take them seriously and will work to address them in our ongoing efforts to improve and grow Position Exchange.


Your vision is exciting, you (we) want to create something that doesn’t exist until today.

Maybe the developers were a bit too ambitious and mostly didn’t really take the community seriously.

In my eyes and in the eyes of many others, the APY/APY should have been reduced sharply since 2021.

It is said that one should never evaluate a project based on the price, but inexperienced users only see the price and not the project itself.

Nothing compares to Position Exchange’s vision if the developers launch everything as planned and we’ve solved the liquidity problem should big times lie ahead

Another thing I would like to say is that the roadmap should be updated, it doesn’t need exact dates, but a rough guideline is always good.

In the end, I would like to thank the entire Posi team for their tireless work and that nobody has given up to this day, even after some bad times.


Eu acho que o maior erro da Position foi violar a regra do jogo em andamento, eu investi muito em BOND para receber POSI, fui traído com a mudança para PTX que não vale nada, não consigo nem sacar os rendimentos e pose fazendo queima, quando deveria era pagar os rendimentos pactuados com POSI.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. :pray:

Dear @Nivaldo_Silva
We appreciate your honest concern and feedback about Bonds pools. And we are sorry if you feel that way. We have never meant to harm any of our investors. Please check the Bonds section in the website and read all the info related to each Bond you have purchased and see all what has been mentioned there is kept untouched. You will receive Posi back Based on Bonds contract on maturity date.

Btw, this topic concerns the general comparison between our project and our competitors. We will be glad if you give us your ideas on this.

Thank you for your support.

Hi @Dragon ,
I will give my sincere and impartial assessment between position and its competitors! I will evaluate each parameter mentioned by you from 1 to 5 and give a brief explanation:
Technology: 5, in terms of technology I haven’t seen anything like Posi in the market, P2P bonds was revolutionary, own on-chain orderbook is a distinction from the competition (we managed to develop something the market needs) without the need to resort to a centralized orderbook like DyDx, GMX, Uniswap, etc. The mobile app is also a distinction from other projects, perfect app easy to use and with option for android and IOS. We may have some bugs, but that’s part of the development process. I also see no critical security flaws in the protocol, so I consider it a grade 5.
Market share: 2, Position’s market share at this time is very low compared to the competition, I note that several posi holders resort to competitors for currency swap because our dex has low liquidity, this is a point that makes us vulnerable from the point of view of market share. We need to add more liquidity to DEX, we have a great product, just like a Ferrari, but no gas to ride. So we can improve by using Posi’s disclosure for liquidity aggregating institutional investors, there are Venture capital’s to provide liquidity in promising protocols like Position, this could be a step towards the success of DEX and FuturX. At an initial moment we need liquidity so that afterwards it is the users who add this liquidity over time, we have to manage to get the machine to work, and afterwards it is sustainable to keep with only users. But to gain users we first need to add liquidity, this can be achieved through internal capital if the team has these resources or through VC’s. As the Position community is small at the moment, the aggregate liquidity is also low, if the liquidity is low the users do not use the functionalities, even if they are good, then this generates a snowball.
Development and Reputation: 5, the development is very good, the roadmap is being fulfilled by the team, this is a good point in favor of our project, at the development level the team has always been committed to deliver everything that has proposed. On the reputation side, Position should be a reference for your competitors, we have been able to develop what the competitors have not achieved! That’s great, but it’s like I said earlier, we have a Ferrari, we just need gasoline for it to ride… Gasoline for a Defi is the initial liquidity so that users can use the protocol (DEX and FuturX).
User Base: 2, unfortunately Position’s community is not a united and strong community, many investors came in for the high rewards and this generated frustration with the fall in the price of the currency. We have a lot of investors who don’t look at development, look at price, it ends up generating fud in the community. Position should reduce the APR as its competitors to 10 or 20% in the pools, this would attract mature investors, most of the high rewards projects are seen as speculation or scam, does not apply with Position’s philosophy, so lowering the APR would be a first step to attract a mature and united community, because they would look at the fundamentals and not at the price that the high APR has provided! Lastly, I would like to make a suggestion for improving the user base. Partner with other projects that complement Position’s philosophy, i.e. projects that are not in competition but that can complement what Posi develops. I met in 2022 a project called Velorex that is developed by a British who wants to implement defi electronic cash ATMs (DATM), anyone could raise physical money by connecting their wallet in DATM, this is a project that does not compete with Posi, but can complement the function of posi, because if I want to buy posi, I have to go through an CEX to convert Fiat to crypto dollar. With the DATM of this project we can deposit Fiat and buy directly encrypted without going through any CEX! Velorex is currently offering the listing of a currency for free, in the future the amount payable will be 12 000usd for a listing. You don’t miss anything in making an application to list Position in the first DATM launched in Istanbul at the end of this month, that would be a good free marketing for Position Exchange. This could be good for future partnerships, who use these DATM may know the posi through this project, remember that it is not a competitor but a complement, we could in future buy posi depositing Fiat or raise Fiat selling posi, without having to go through any CEX, bank or government. It is a project that complements the philosophy of Position!
I will send here the official link on Twitter if Position wants to make the application:


Hello @BrunoDK

Thank you for taking the time to provide your assessment of Position Exchange and its competitors. We appreciate your thorough evaluation and constructive feedback.

We are glad to hear that you recognize the innovative technology behind Position Exchange and the team’s commitment to development and reputation. Your suggestion to increase liquidity and attract institutional investors is valuable and will be considered. We agree that a strong community is essential, and we appreciate your suggestions on how to attract more mature and committed users.

Regarding the suggestion to partner with other projects, we will look into the Velorex project and explore potential opportunities for collaboration. We appreciate your support and hope to continue to work towards improving and expanding Position Exchange. Thank you again for your feedback.

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