Convenient portfolio for the mass consumer

I want to see in the posi app a convenient and functional portfolio that will allow me to buy / sell my assets quickly and conveniently
What I mean?
I want to see a more informative portfolio in the application so that it shows the total income in percentages and in units of “1 hour, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days” and so on
so that I understand my income or loss for different time periods, similar things have long been on the same okx
I would also like to quickly sell and buy assets, namely
I go to my portfolio, click on an asset, and I am given all the information about it, about its price change, etc., and also, I can sell it using a limit order, but so that I do not need to go to the tab trade, chart, all this is very inconvenient for a casual user, it is immediately lost, it needs to be made simpler
Let’s say my asset costs $3.2 and from the moment of purchase it is shown to me that it gave me a profit of 90%, but I am a perfectionist and I want to sell it when the profit is 100%
I click on this asset, and in ONE window, where there is all the information about the asset, and where I can do everything that is scattered in different tabs in ordinary services, everything is there at once and everything I need
I enter in this window at what price I want to sell this asset, and thus I place a limit order
And the purchase will look like this -
I go to the “Purchase” tab and there is a list of assets, and from a dynamic change in the course, you can also find the desired asset in the search line if there are a lot of coins, shares or something else, well, or split into “Crypto” “Shares” tabs “Forex”, etc.
And by clicking on the asset I need, I see information about it, the history of its course change, what it is, who it is, and so on, and in the same window I can place a limit order or buy at the market
Such a system looks much simpler and more accessible for beginners, but for experienced people in the field, it’s easier when they know what they want to buy and at what price, and they don’t have to go to the appropriate “trade” tab, see all these charts, and other attributes traders
My suggestion is to make everything easier and more convenient for current and potentially future holders of assets in the posi service.