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Independent DAO Position Group
:pushpin:Closed group for collective decisions,
:pushpin:Objective is to discuss with Daaps members to be developed on the posichain network without depending on the project team
:pushpin:Development of Daaps platforms with rules chosen by the DAO community
:pushpin:Collective voting system in DAO decision making
:pushpin:All members can and should make suggestions, doubts, surveys, question everything
:pushpin:Everything has to be thought for the benefit of the ecosystem in the posichain network
:pushpin:All members will discuss about which projects will be developed by voting
:pushpin:All members can suggest a project to be developed, discuss how will be the business model, what is the cost of creation and if it has monthly cost, how % of profitability will return to DAO members
:pushpin:To be a DAO member is free, but will require member interest and participation
:pushpin:Daaps are endless possibilities with various ideas and member engagement
:pushpin:All projects need to benefit PSC, POSI and DAO members as they will contribute financially to develop the whole process.

Hello @fab-zero Thank you for your offer. What you are mentioning is in fact referring to something called Hackathon which is held to pave the way for the developers to develop and implement their DApps on a blockchain. for that to happen we need to have a fully developed and functioning blockchain and its full team ready. POSİChain needs time to develop to get ready to host such event. After Futurx successful mainnet, the team will shift the development focus to POSIChain and surely we will hold such events in the future too.

So, Dragon, but will the DApps be exclusively developed by the POSI team? Because with the documentation, other teams of programmers can develop something for our POSIChain. I shared the POSIChain documentation with a team of developers, and they said they can create DeFi, NFTs, games, tokens, and more. So, is there any pending issue with the POSIChain blockchain that prevents third parties from developing something? As I’m not a programmer, my perspective is limited, but I’ll seek more information.

Fortunately we are a decentralized platform, truly. Even with the limited version of Posichain available, some external developers already developed and run their DApps on Posichain. So, it is open to everyone in and out of Posi team.

Sure, I would like to understand this limited part of Posichain, is it related to scalability? Does the blockchain become overloaded with more projects being developed currently? In terms of network security, are there any vulnerabilities that need to be addressed by the team?

Honestly I am not that technical to answer this question, but to my best of knowledge, we need far more validators ( nodes and supernodes), a test pressure for scalability and security, a much more costy server to handle it,… all can go through, when team can launch Futurx successfully and take it to an acceptable level. Then they have time and enough resources to handle Posichain high demands

Thank you for the information, Dragon, because, like everyone else, I want to see Posi constantly evolve, and FuturX is just the beginning. I’ve been in various groups and have seen a lot of mockery and ridicule about our Posi, and it’s really disheartening to see that. That’s why I will strongly support and help in whatever way necessary and possible to see the growth of our Posi, just like many others.

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Thank you for your unconditional support :pray: