Devalued bonds due to the uselessness of the ptx

How long will you @justin , will you ignore the loss of those who bought Bod 1, 2 and 3? They have stopped rendering the agreement since the launch of the ptx. Who never valued, on the contrary has no use. Why did they put the price of the ptx linked to the yield on the Bonds? Until when will this ptx be useless? Until when will I see my Bond3 that was supposed to be yielding 250% in position, yielding 50%? Of ptx ué is worth fractions of posi… It seems that I was deceived here, it expires soon and what was accepted in its sale was not done. Where’s the solution for that?

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Dear @William_Pereira

We appreciate your concerns and valuable feedback about Bonds and their staking rewards. The concept of Bonds should be regarded separate from its staking in order to have a better understanding of their nature and function.
Bonds are entities which have both par value and mature value. They are offered initially based on the added value which is returned on maturity date. For example, one buys 1 bond with 10 Posi, to receive 13 Posi at the end of Bond period. This part is the fixed on contract agreement and it can never change.

However, The issure may like to make his Bonds more attractive, he adds some extra features like staking bonds and receiving extra rewards in different types of pools as long as he has liquidity to provide rewards. But this is not part of the contract agreement and can change or even be removed later.

when the Posi Liquidity for rewards ran out, The team in position exchange decided not to remove bonds pools but to introduce the rewards in its second utility token, PTX. They did it to actually let Bond holders keep getting rewards to the end of Bonds period.

As for PTX, after the features are out, and the team has enough revenues, PTX will come into the focus of attention for other utilities as well.

Let’s stay hopeful and supportive to get where this project deserves to be.

Thank you

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