FuturX is around the corner

Greetings, valued holders,

As we approach the eagerly anticipated main-net launch of FuturX, we are keen to learn about your expectations following a seamless launch. What transformations, enhancements, or any other insights do you anticipate for the project in the wake of a successful launch? Additionally, how soon do you envision these changes materializing and making a tangible impact?

Your thoughts and ideas hold immense importance to us. Please share them with us below for our review and consideration.



I would like to know if the team fixed the delay between the official price of the asset being traded and the one shown on FuturX! Since Chainlink launched a product that would solve this problem!

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Thank you for the insights. I forwarded it to Justin

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Hi bro, how about the development progress?

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Hello :wave: the last confirmation was until 15 Oct


Hello 15 Oct is the live day or an estimate time?

My, and not only mine, but I think the majority of members of society desire to see AT LEAST SOME VERSION OF THE MAINNET, all this already resembles mockery in a sophisticated form,
stop feeding us soon-very soon-someday!

How about the next mainnet updates/timeline ? Why not inform to us ?

The team is very quiet, this can’t happen, I wanted to buy POSI on our dex, we don’t have liquidity, and there are bugs. We have a ready dex, but we can’t use it? We need an explanation because if not, the criticism will increase. I continue to support POSI, but you are not making us optimistic, rather discouraged. Before October 15th, I went to several groups to inform people about our upcoming POSI on FuturX. I was called crazy, a scam, and everyone was mocking and laughing at our POSI. We need better communication from the team. There is so much to do and so much to create. Dozens of investors have given hundreds of suggestions. I continue to buy POSI on PancakeSwap, but I want to buy it on our dex. POSI is like a company, and Justin needs to understand that it can’t stand still. We need you to demonstrate exactly what you are doing, more transparency. We want to support you always, but you have to give us reasons to continue supporting. Where is the ambition to become a top 100 crypto on CMC? Let’s react, POSI. We have a lot of work to do; our competitors are delivering their roadmaps. We can’t fall behind.

@justin @Justin_Position when you will explain all about FuturX delay or plan for mainnet ? Can we still in hope or not ?

@fab-zero @IDN.Ninja Hello. I recently had a conversation with Justin. He said he has a plan for Futurx mainnet and will share it in details with the community

“plan” means that there is no hope for the release of the mainnet this month?

Okay, Justin is working on a plan, but we don’t really know what’s happening with the bridge because it has been stalled for a long time, and many investors are complaining about it. Money should not be stuck. As I mentioned before, we don’t know what’s going on with the bridge, and this is causing a lot of discomfort and speculation for the haters to proclaim loudly that it’s a scam. As I mentioned earlier, I continue to support the posi team despite all these problems, as they will explain the reasons for the delay or when it will be launched. In the meantime, what can be done at the moment?

How many permanent developers are on the posi team? Are they all working on the bridge? Because we have issues with our dex. Investors have reported bugs in trader v2 because the swap lacks liquidity, but trader v2 was not supposed to have bugs. Another issue is that the minimum limit of $500 to visually display trading pairs should be removed. I want to buy the usdt/posi pair, but it doesn’t show up, so I have to buy it through Pancake. I want to use our dex; I want to continue supporting our posi, but I need reasons from you. In every group where I recommend our posi, no one takes it seriously and calls me crazy. The team must not get discouraged in any way because currently, we only have gg as an operational tool.

Let’s wait to see what the plan is

Bridging is hoped to restart earlier next week

So, regarding Dragon Bridge, it can’t remain closed; there’s a security issue that the team needs to periodically check for any vulnerabilities, and I agree with that 100%. However, when it’s in maintenance for months, it sparks a lot of discussion in the community. They need to explain the reasons. Once again, the team’s communication at Posi is very poor. If something happens in the Posi ecosystem, Justin should inform us. They can’t stay silent for too long. The dev team and the community need to work together because without the community, there won’t be any projects, and there won’t be any hodlers or traders. I’ll reiterate that I will continue to support and buy Posi. I want to see it reach the top 100 on CMC. But the pressure will also increase if the team remains silent for an extended period. I’ll be waiting for the bridge to be released because I need to send funds to Posichain for delegation.

Can you share the plan already? Bullrun is coming and i think this is the perfect time to launch

Where’s the plan Sir ?

Apparently the plan is to mock the community with their endless silence, if this is the case, then they are doing a great job, I’m glad for them, at least some of what they are doing is starting to work out

Hello @Willsun @IDN.Ninja @Eins
As Justin has said in his last tweet, he won’t give up, no matter what. Let’s wait for his plan together. Thank you for yiur understanding and support :pray: