FuturX is around the corner

To be honest, I speak for myself and I think for many other people, that my expectations are high. Due to the wait and the documentation released so far.

But what I really hope is that over these 2+ years of development the team has learned to not repeat past mistakes, the team has the "game change" in hand, the chance to start a product without a history of bugs. I expect some partnerships, a return to marketing to attract users, wanting to actually increase the marketcap, with YouTubers/influencers, more posts. Obviously, for FuturX to be usable, it doesn't need to be at a level of perfection, for a launch, it can be polished later. But all of its basic functions are at operational levels. I see that the team needs to do the basics well. Engage the community, plan the launch carefully, find real partners, and this time surprise everyone who was expecting something not so good.

You have a good team, good structure, focus on solving this futures technical problem, please PRIORITIZE, paying the users of the old stake futures, migrating them to the new pool. This will completely return the trust of the old community to the new product, this does not have to be negotiable, it has to be done.

I was a little redundant, because in the past, old releases got the basics wrong (in the eyes of the community). Analyze the old ones, to do much better now, and take us to the top, from where we were supposed to be.

We trust the team, and in the end our demands/concerns are because we REALLY want the project to be right, in its technology being used and with the return on our investments that we will always continue to do.


Thank you @frame
All your expectations are ligical and legit. The team should proud of its knowledgeable and reasonable supporters like you, and they need to do their best in order not to let the users down

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Returning here, Dragon, to congratulate you on keeping your word. It was said this week that the bridge would be released, and indeed it was. We demand accountability from the team because we all want to see Posi succeed. When the team delivers, it’s time to support and praise the work being done. We have a lot to do; Posi is a lifelong project with countless possibilities to explore, not only with FuturX but also with Dex, Posichain, and the Bonds tool—a very interesting tool that can work with other collaterals like BTC, ETH, and others. However, it’s not the time to discuss that now, and DApps on the PSC network, there’s GG, which is a high-risk tool but the only dex in the market that provides this option. Investors should use risk management if they want to get involved.

I continue to demand transparency from the team. If something happens on any platform that will be offline for a long time, inform the community because there’s a huge amount of haters and FUDs in the Posi community. Many strongly hope that everything goes wrong with the project so they can feel they were right. These guys will go into depression when they see Posi’s success. Let’s keep developing Posi; I want to see the ambition to become a top 100 on CMC become a reality, and I will support your work. I’ll be using the profits from GG to buy Posi.



I would like to share some thoughts about the project and the experience I’ve had over these past two years. My account is sincere and honest, is that okay? POSI has been a great school for me, and even though I was an investor in the platform, I learned a lot during this time with the community and how the project works. The business plan was ambitious, @justin and his team knew where they were and where they wanted to go, and that was very exciting. I followed the team’s deliveries, such as: partnership with Babyswap (who remembers), the anniversary NFTs, the high APRs of over 1000% in BUSD at the end of 2021, BONDS (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5), BONDS P2P (Lending), the POSI Chain Blockchain itself (a fork of Harmony), the controversial PTX token, DPTP v1 and v2, and many other attempts to make the project reach the position it deserves among the top 100 in the market.
I saw a lot of frustration from the team and rightly so, imagine dedicating yourself to something and when launching a new feature it doesn’t get the expected return and the bugs that were presented created discomfort and disapproval from the community, I understand the feelings you must have gone through. This whole period was a learning experience for all of us, I myself regret saying some things to @justin, which he didn’t deserve, because I understand that he wants to give his best, even with the community pressing, @justin remains resilient and focused on the project, I don’t know if you will read this message @justin, but I would like to apologize.
While in the development phase of FuturX, I enjoyed following each step of development because I saw an opportunity to contribute not just as an investor, but as someone who wants to help the team deliver the best decentralized futures platform and this time without making the same mistakes, we delivered some documents to @justin and to engage the community even more on Twitter, I posted some snippets of the source code and talked about what was to come, it was very cool, but maybe it could have been a bit disruptive, I can’t say for sure. I understand your current situation, but I want to register that there are people, the older ones, who are with you!

Now, I would like to contribute what you need to do to make FuturX a success!

  1. It is necessary to change the business model of the platform and not be stuck in methods that worked in the past cycle, as the technology market as well as cryptocurrencies also change quickly, it is necessary to review the concept of staking and apply the latest methodology from Uniswap and no longer the V2 concept.

  2. Understand that a good project does not mean having high APR/APY, veteran investors know that high-return projects do not survive for long and that this business model generates uncontrolled inflation in the POSI token, increasing the dump and devaluation of the same, you need to create forms of risk management where everyone wins, that is, there is a return for investors and users of the platform and at the same time the project becomes sustainable in the long run.

  3. Create ways that make people want to buy POSI and keep them or to use them on the platform and do not repeat the same mistakes of always making it just a reward token, create functionalities within FuturX forcing people to acquire POSI so that they can use the platform, this way the demand for POSI will increase.

  4. Think about the possibility of creating a Liquid Staking (LST) of POSI, every day that passes there is an increasing demand for this investment, users using the LST will help to lock the POSI and mainly increase the security of the network, think about it!

  5. Create incentives for third-party development of Dapps on the POSI Chain network.

  6. Pay all those who have their resources stuck in the old Futures Staking pool of DPTP, either with Airdrops of FuturX or something that makes the investors’ trust return.

  7. Think about the reputation and image risk of the project and the developers behind it. For a project to succeed, it needs to have a good image and credibility, seek partnerships that help to deal with this, seek partnerships that come to add, for example, reflect on what part you are not good at and seek partners that cover this deficiency of yours. An example I can give is the communication and marketing of POSI, don’t take me wrong, but you have never been good at this, so why not seek a partner that helps you in this?

These are some points I would like to contribute to make the project take off this time.

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We trust you guys!! We hope soon come our victory!! I’m very proud of all members who trust in Position, including me, and also very enthusiastic with Futurx and all Position project, especially Gain Grid, a real money printer! Lets go team, moon waiting for us!!


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