FuturX perspectives, Strengths and Suggestions

Hello @justin @Dragon & Posination!

We (a group of posi holders), are opening this topic to give our point of view about our experience with FuturX.
The site and its graphics we consider futuristic for an innovative product that will be launched soon, we congratulate you for that. The PLP liquidity is another point that we found good for adding liquidity across multiple assets. The platform tools also looks very good. We congratulate the team for the work done so far.

But POSI holders are apprehensive about the mainnet release yet, the testnet version showed some bugs that can compromise FuturX’s liquidity and performance, as described in the forms and in the discord section for bug reporting. The posi Holders community is in no hurry for a launch of FuturX mainnet within the time described by the team, the community wants a product free of bugs that could compromise liquidity! Ideally, a testnet version would be released later with the problems described fixed, re-tested again, and then be able to launch the mainnet without serious problems that could compromise the liquidity added by users.

We see in the groups several members pressing the team for the launch of a mainnet as soon as possible, do not let yourself be pressured by quick release, the real holders are waiting as long as it may be necessary for a functional derivative product to run perfectly!
I hope you will take this message into consideration, because we want the best for the project, we are here to support the team with the positive and negative points!
Together we are stronger. Keep doing a good job, Justin!


Hello @BrunoDK

Thank you for your feedback and support. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering a bug-free and high-performing FuturX mainnet. We are actively addressing the reported bugs from the testnet version to ensure a flawless user experience. Your concerns have been noted, and we value your input as we strive to provide a functional and reliable derivative product. Together, we will achieve success. Thank you for being part of the journey.


To add, i know the focus is on futurx right now but please before launching, make sure to make position.exchange site current. Update and clean up the menu items most especially. Its been months and it still has DPTP active links there which will cause some potential confusion.


Unfortunately, as a loyal Posi holder, I cannot agree with that.

To date, the founders of Posi have never kept a dateline.
So far, FuturX also works as if a maximum of 2 developers are working on the project.

In the 2 years that DPTP/FuturX was being worked on, much better decentralized trading protocols than FuturX were started.
No matter what Justion will try, the majority will not trust this product and will not be able to.

FuturX currently offers nothing but funny pictures, design isn’t everything. Like DPTP, FuturX has enormous errors that have not been fixed to this day.

Justin himself, well, it’s a good thing he’s not Doxed.

Dear @Radope

We understand your concerns, and we apologize for any perceived delays. Rest assured, we are dedicated to the development and improvement of FuturX. We have a skilled team working diligently to address any existing errors and enhance the platform’s functionality. We appreciate your feedback and remain committed to delivering a reliable and valuable product. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Hello Radope. Firstly, I take responsibility for not being able to meet the initially projected deadline. I deeply apologize to the community for this. We have been, and are working tirelessly to ensure that FuturX can deliver results as expected. Due to tight schedules and the fact that we are currently lacking in many resources, and the complexity of the system has significantly increased. To guarantee a quality and safe product for our users, we had to extend the development period. I am also under a lot of stress and trying my best to push the team. You can look at DyDx V4 mainnet. They also aim to build an onchain orderbook, and everything 100% on-chain like us. They have more resources, more funds. I remember they targeted to release mainnet early this year. However, they have not even been able to launch a public testnet so far. Building on-chain Perpetual is truly difficult and unpredictable, I may encounter some issues today that could take a few weeks to resolve. That’s normal. Therefore, I hope to receive understanding and sympathy from the hodlers. This will provide us with the motivation to complete the rest of our journey. Thank you.

(this is my alt account)


Thank you for your reply Justin.

I can partly understand that, but with the current technology and the resources that Exchange had from the start, this would have been possible within these 2 years.

But now many have the feeling that FuturX is being rebuilt, what was DPTP then? Why does the protocol have to be completely revised? What are the fruits of the last 24 months ?

Also you can’t compare DyDx with Position exchange, they have a large fan base which is mostly positive.

Your mistake was, you took over a shambles from James and John that you can no longer put together, I we the community wish you the best, but we also know that the fight is as good as lost, the fairy tale of the phoenix from the ashes it not really.

The buybacks won’t bring us to our goal either, but let’s leave the illusion in the sky maybe it will encourage some.

I get the frustration but dont speak for the community please as I am also a long term follower here and I dont share the same sentiments and know few others who are much bigger holders than myself and more passionate in contributing to this project as a community member. I see members testing, reporting bugs, providing any feedback/ideas/suggestions/support, basically anything for this project. I believe in this project just as much or even more than before. I see progress while some others see failure. Ive been in the same position of building a company from scratch and it is never an easy task. But everyday will always take us one step closer to where we want to go and as long as the passion is present, then ill continue to be optimistic. Justin and the team doesnt sound like they are on the brink of giving up on us and on this just yet, quite opposite actually. I sense that they are even more motivated to try their best in making this work for all of us. We are all in this together. Sure they may be hiding some internal struggles but its not my job to speculate. But what I know are my own feelings and currently I strongly believe that hope is not lost here and wont be until I hear it from their own mouth. Alot of exciting stuff in the pipeline and things can only keep getting better from here as long as they dont give up.

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@Justin_Position Maybe speak honestly if there are obstacles and we can’t finish it or not because the deadline has been extended much, now the progress has reached 99% we don’t want to break the hopes of the holder so that this product can be completed properly on time 100%, right said @Radope we have waited up to 2 years and hope there are products that work. God bless all.

Hello Seeking Thruth,
The Posi community must understand that what the team is developing is complex. It is not an easy type of programming, the team to launch some products had to innovate not only in the products launched, but in the way they develop these products! We can have the privilege of saying that Posi has already launched and developed products that no other project has launched, not even the projects with more resources have products with the value of Posi.
When we opened this post was to support Justin and the team, to make known the positive points, as is the case of the design and graphics of FuturX, I loved that, I also liked the tools of the platform and the mechanism of adding liquidity through PLP.
I speak for a group of old holders, we are not in a hurry for a quick release to meet the deadline, we intend the quality of FuturX. There’s a saying that says, “Quick and well nobody does” so let the team keep doing a good job, without pressuring the team because in the weekly report came 99%. In everyone’s life it can happen against time, all of us at some stage in our life have already failed in some prediction we gave to someone. I understand Justin’s point of view perfectly. @Justin_Position, don’t get pressure, buddy. We’re on your side.

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Yeah, I’ve supported the team from the beginning until these 2 years, it’s okay to wait for the remaining 1%. After all, I believe the team will definitely give the best for all holders.

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my friend, nobody talks about super fast, but 2 years of development without any bright spot is simply not acceptable.

Justin sold us DPTP as a milestone, but now we know DPTP was a flop and maybe 15% complete. If DPTP had been ready the release on Arbitrum would have been ready within 6 weeks.

In the game you quickly learn what is true and what is not.

For my part, I no longer believe in the success of FuturX this year. Of course, Justin can’t tell us the whole truth that only 2 developers are currently working on the project because everyone else has already thrown in the towel for various reasons.

Hi Radope,
It’s actually not like that! We could never have integration in the arbitrum network in just 6 weeks because the mechanism of adding liquidity is different from the previous DPTP. For those who understand programming, they know that an adjustment of this kind requires redoing or program all the code again from the zero and in this process, several bugs will appear again to be fixed.
Actually, those who are not on the project may think that everything is easy to develop, but that’s not quite the case.
And if you really are an old holder, you know that for 2 years the team delivered various products like ios app and android, bonds p2p, bonds exchange, posichain network, revolutionary dex, dptp that for a few weeks worked well and that made the price rise temporarily and now the FuturX… A lot of work has been done in the last two years!

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When you write people who are familiar with coding, you also mean Justin, who gave a timeline of 6 weeks in which everything is ready. So you confirm that Justin doesn’t know about this?

Few people have made profits with bonds, some liquidation after the other, the bond creators are constantly selling posi, the price drops, thanks a lot.

The app for iOS has been a long time coming and is now useless again and full of errors. Great thanks for that too.

Posichain was not developed by Justin’s team and is currently useless and also has many errors when bridging the posi. thanks for that too.

DPTP was loaded with many bugs, people took advantage of it and thereby swindled BUSD which people lack. Thanks for that too.

The airdrop was useless and didn’t help anyone, no new users were added.

But let’s wait and see what happens and in the end we’ll be happy if Posi increases again. We can’t be more than sad.