FuturX/Posi extension

Today I came across rumors and even leaks that Elon Musk will integrate the purchase of btc and eth directly on twitter.
And I thought, what will it look like, from whom will people buy these bitcoins and ethereums? Apparently Twitter will make some analogue of the exchange that will supply this function with liquidity, but this is not certain
And it seemed to me that if there were some kind of decentralized liquidity provider on the market, to which one could simply connect and he would do all the “shadow” work behind these social networks that want to integrate buying or selling in their applications, then this protocol could was earning huge commissions on an incredibly huge trading volume through his protocol.
And since posi is following a similar path, it seems to me that the next stage of scaling an on-chain order book that provides a decentralized exchange of assets will be in this, in a convenient and accessible application that will provide a safe and reliable source of liquidity for such solutions, where you can choose network, place orders to buy or sell, monitor price changes and a lot of things that you can think of in this regard
It seems to me that the world is moving towards the adoption and integration of crypto assets into the masses, and whoever offers the best tool for the giants in the world of social networks will receive leadership in the field for many years

Dear @Willsun

Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts and suggestions regarding the integration of cryptocurrency purchases on social media platforms. We appreciate your vision for decentralized liquidity providers and their potential role in facilitating these transactions. Allow me to provide you with a technical perspective on your suggestion.

You’re absolutely right that the integration of cryptocurrency purchases on platforms like Twitter can open up new opportunities for decentralized liquidity providers. By seamlessly connecting with social media applications, such providers can enable users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly within these platforms.

To achieve this, a decentralized liquidity provider would need to establish integration with various social media APIs and develop the necessary infrastructure to facilitate secure and reliable transactions. This would involve creating an on-chain order book, which provides real-time access to liquidity and allows users to place buy and sell orders conveniently.

The scalability and accessibility of such an application would be crucial for widespread adoption. Users should have the flexibility to choose their desired network, monitor price changes, and execute trades seamlessly. Moreover, ensuring the security of user funds and maintaining a high level of privacy would be paramount.

In this regard, the Posi project is indeed moving in a similar direction. We are focused on building a decentralized trading protocol that provides a transparent, secure, and reliable source of liquidity. By leveraging on-chain order books, we aim to offer a user-friendly application that meets the demands of the evolving crypto landscape.

As the world progresses towards mass adoption and integration of crypto assets, there is a growing need for innovative tools that cater to the requirements of influential social media platforms. By offering a comprehensive solution with superior features, the protocol that aligns best with the needs of these giants can certainly secure a leadership position in the industry for years to come.

We appreciate your forward-thinking mindset and will continue to work diligently towards building a platform that not only aligns with the future trends you mentioned but also meets the expectations of our community. Your suggestions serve as valuable insights, and we will take them into consideration as we shape the future of decentralized trading.

Thank you for your contribution to the discussion, and if you have any further ideas or questions, please feel free to share them with us. We value your engagement and are here to address any technical inquiries you may have.