Gain Grid BUSD liquidity

do we have another problem with stable coin pool (gain grid)?

there is considerably little liquidity in BUSD, USDT is also little compared to what is staked.

how is the team doing?
Please react earlier this time if something is wrong, nobody wants to lose thousands of dollars again


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Hello @Radope
No issue. The liquidity in the contract is needed to be fixed to the harvesting and withdrawal requests manually. The rest is used by the Automated trading bot to generate revenue.

It’s true that it’s volatile, but there should always be enough available for investors to harvest.

imagine dad senario in months when the first investors can unstake, what will happen then? Some investors have invested more than $10,000, which could then not be paid out.

usdt is currently a bit more stable because there is more liquidity.

it would be appropriate from the tesm side to make this a little more public so that you can see the team’s payments and their profits.

we want to be decentralized and not hide everything like real banks.

anyway thank you very much for this great product

Hello @justin @Justin_Position @Dragon

I’ve been watching Gain Grid for weeks.

So far everything is running smoothly, but that’s a bit irritating for me.

More than $200,000 has been withdrawn from Gain Grid USDT, but nothing has ever been put back into USDT. The same applies to BUSD, where only a minimal amount has been put back.

it’s about time this was made more transparent.

this is not meant to be a fud or criticism, but a thought-provoking impulse.

something good was created with the gain grid.

Hello @Radope thanks for sharing your concern about GG pools. i like to draw your attention to the very nature og GG pools. they are actually providing liquidity for the automated trading bot. the bot does the trading and generate revenues which should be shared according to the daily volatility rate to the investors in GG pools. so withdrawing the staked funds is absolutely necessary to feed the bot with the liquidity.
as for the rewards or periodical withdrawals by the users ,the team is constantly checking the pools contract to make sure enough busd and usdt are available to be withdrawn. as the pools are open to new investors all the time, new assets are fed into the contract by the users too. so keeping the contract with enough assets are possible by both new feeds either through the new investment or the team, whichever comes first.
therefore, as long as there is enough busd/usdt available in the contract daily basis, no matter where they have come from (either new users or the team), there should be nothing to worry about.
i hope what i said makes sense. have a good day

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