Give this useless ptx normal utility

This “token” has no value for half a year already, it’s just an air in the bank that they give us, and they say that he will soon becomes helium(which has value), from the very beginning of his birth they tell us about this, how long will it last? 1-2-5 years? each answer to the question, in the utility of ptx, we are told that he “probably” will receive utility in the form of receiving commissions from dex (if it meant a pair of liquidity ptx / posi, then this is a complete failure) but dex came out, and NOTHING that could give a long-term the value of ptx is not done, it’s the same pointless wrapper as it was before the addition of dex, but now ALL PAIRS in the new dex are rewarded in ptx, and now the issue will increase even faster, that is, inflation will become even stronger, although this token has already fallen somewhere into the abyss, it’s just not profitable to farm it, it’s not needed for anything, for ANYTHING at all, it’s completely useless


Nobody needs a position either, even the developers sell it, we’ve been cheating for a year now, the team has fallen apart

Explanation Provided by @Justin_Position on PTX was useless. Comparing PTX with USDT or BUSD was such a lame example, When discussed about PTX unlimited supply.

We all see Justin,the PTX is not good for POSI and we are not sure whats going on in your mind, Having a great product is not enough…

Transparency with community is so much needed, When was the last time, When Justin had an AMA with his community… It was always @Dragon who scheduled one.

If some one is a great developer doesn’t mean he is a great businessmen too.

WIth lot of hopes from the wonderful team.

Yours Genuine holder

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Stup*d community member.

First I agree that PTX is now just a token reward, not as much utility as POSI. But, it is still supporting POSI, not against it. Why, please read carefully and try to use your brain:

  1. Harvest Locking, with harvest locking, is reducing the rate of rewards in the market but still helps DEX get the desired incentive.

  2. PTX helps to reduce the number of POSI being sold in the market. Imagine the number of rewards being paid in PTX paying 100% in POSI? PTX can help farmers like myself who prefer to hold instead of selling immediately.

  3. It’s important to understand how DEX works. DEX needs a farm, and farming is essential to DEX operations.

I am a POSI holder, also bought at a high price and hold till now, because I trust the team, and the future of the project. I don’t understand why the community has ignorant and negative energy holders. If you can’t say anything or contribute something positive to the project then shut your mouth, don’t spread nonsense everywhere, I’ve seen you say the same thing on Telegram, Discord… Let the project grow.

Plus, the team has been doing very well, focusing on developing the products. Just wait for the market to uptrend. They did everything for the community. Even DPTP transaction fees are 100% burned. What more do you ask for? @justin @Justin_Position please just focus on building products don’t care about these people. You are a POSI hater, not a POSI holder, and we do not welcome you.


@real_posi_holder First of all, Use your words wisely.

Secondly, You are on a blind trip… You are only watching what has been shown to you.

I feel Pity on investors like to you, You can call me whatever you want to. I am always transparent and raise my voie what i look at it.

If its a community project, They have to answer it and let their community know about it.

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Do you even understand what my complaint about ptx is?
WHY SHOULD I GET PTX? FOR WHAT? JUST ANSWER THIS QUESTION? what is its meaning? only to exchange it for posi? the meaning of this half-year blocking of the harvest, if in the end in half a year when there will be 2-3 times more coins, the utilities of this token will also be exchanged for posi, what is the point of farming on the posi platform then?
the lion’s share of users are not fanatics like you, they come, look, try, and if it’s not profitable, or not as profitable as they would like, then they just sell on the market and leave, if you knew how obvious it is, you would cried
What does dptp or other products have to do with it? I wrote a post about PTX, you might think, “About PTX” is not about dptp not about bond, not about commissions in dptp that redeem posi, but about PTX!
Does PTX support posi? and who supports ptx? the blind faith of fanatics like you? then answer me one question
Why didn’t the platform initially launch with 2 tokens at once? why exactly when the issue was approaching the maximum value, the posi team, unexpectedly for everyone, announced that now the platform will be “supported” by 2 tokens, why was it not even in the roadmap? I can give you a hint, they didn’t even plan this ptx, but when they realized that their calculations (if they were of course at all) are incorrect (as always) and there will not be enough posi emission for payments (farm) on bonds, and they decided to push this load to the air in the bank (ptx) but they didn’t think to add utility, by type

  • "Let’s give them this rubbish so that they don’t get too indignant, and then maybe we’ll add some kind of utility, or maybe we won’t add it, who knows? The fanatics will swallow everything exactly and say thank
    I’ve been in this project since 2021 and it’s not for you to teach me “devotion” to the project, I accumulate posi, but I also have bonds that are completely useless in terms of farming, because I get essentially “nothing” (ptx) this token is not even on cmc, it seems to be a toy and not real, it has no weight, it has no history, it has no utilities, in the end it does not make sense as an independent asset, and therefore it will constantly fall in price!

People complaining that they get free PTX as rewards. Youre not paying to buy PTX, youre literally getting it for free which right now you can sell for eithers 3.5 cents per PTX compared to POSI which is selling for 8.5 cents. You can also trade 1 PTX for .35 POSI roughly. If you dont want free money then go stake something else. Its really that simple to be honest. If youre lucky, the value of PTX could even rise. Lol. Also right now im holding and staking small amount of PTX compared to how much POSI I own, but still if i sold the PTX rewards I receive daily, i could still get 150-200 worth of POSI every day. This is literally free money for me. We live in a world where people get free money and they still manage to complain. Its incredible.