How is posi doing now?

Posi was at Top 500 on cmc now 1080. Marketcap of posi now only 3.5M. Dptp not working dex only few pairs still working on bnb chain swap high fees more then pancake. Ptx is useless So on what basis posi will grow ?

Hello @Ihtisham12

Thank you for sharing your concern regarding future status of Position Exchange.

It is unfortunate to see our rank and MC have decreased due to the current situation of market and our token value. You have every right to be concerned about it. The team is concerned as much.

One of the obstacles in the process of development has always been the huge burden of losing patience in holders over time. The team is committed to develop all the features, mainly DPTP, Dex and Blockchain, fully functional ASAP, so that all lost value returns as fast as possible using the revenues and status gaining from the products.

DPTP will be back stronger, wiser and more flexible than before in a few weeks. That can resolve the root issue of liquidity which can brings us an upper hand in both marketing and running the features more smoothly than before.

With these plans implemented in near future, we are very hopeful to take the project to the rank it deserves. Please stay supportive and encouraging, to give high spirits to the developers, as always.

Thank you :blush:

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Dragon, you were also confident that if you launched dex and dptp we would be successful, but that wasn’t the case, what gives you the security to say we will be successful when the new liquidity mechanism comes? What will user wear ? PTX as a reward certainly not.

You only introduced this because otherwise Posi would have reached 100M long ago.

Will Posi V3 save that? I don’t know, even if it is limited to 100M, a few million are missing here because you had to set up the pools too often because there were errors where user bosses could swindle NFTs. This wasn’t just a display error, there really were more than 100,000 posis on a map…

Why should users invest in the new pools and deposit liquidity there? What really gives you security?

How should the user know that when the team wallet opens, that the team does not sell its posi tokens? I mean, of course, the team wants to win for their work, but the users don’t have security.

We need large investors who are lured, small users are no longer of any help here because they sell off immediately with every increase.

At the beginning position exchange was a vision but the team didn’t really have a plan how to do it, I mean MJ spent 50000$ for a New York event which didn’t work, you had paid thousands of dollars for Kucoin who delisted us. The money would have gone better into liquidity or into more developers.

For many it’s too late to get out, that’s also because the admins are always pushing the community and saying they believe in the project, better times are coming, but where are they? we have been waiting for it for almost 2 years.


Hello @Donner

I appreciate your honest expression and feedback.

As Posi Holder, and of course a Human being, I believe there is nothing wrong with having calculated and estimated “Hope” . I admit false hope is destructive and would never fall for that, though.

What I and the rest of holders have always had was the faith in the vision in this project and I personally will keep onto that. As predicted DPTP was a really good feature to bring revenue for the project, almost 1m posi could be BBB in a very short time. That was the reason I was and still confident our features can bring value to tge coin again.

However, developing a totally new idea, cones with its flaws and risks. This is part of the menu. The main fact is the team has never given up on building, modifying, bettering, and even rebuilding features. I think, there is nothing wrong with having faith in such team.

I have invested more than 85% of my portfolio in Posi vision ,not in Posi price. Maybe it is one of the reasons that I never complained or even was worried about the price. I am sure our time will come too. Sooner than later.

Also, I draw your attention to

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Position Exchange is definitely not dead.
As long as a team is working on a project and looking for solutions, the project is alive.

Position Exchange definitely deserves another chance to grow. heads up.

Posi to moon, very soon, those who are not on board will hear a story about Posi success in future