how to retain investors

Please consider the following idea… I have been in the project for a year and a half, I have invested and continue, I am disappointed with the price, but I keep a large part of my savings in the project…
a new investor comes in the price is great for buys, buys a large amount locks them in for a short period of time …makes a decent top and exits… who is pushed!!! well, very simply the old investors entered at the high prices and watched helplessly as the price continued to fall… in short, I have no knowledge of how a project is built and maintained… but I think it is right to invent something to monitor how long we are in the project with its funds and to stimulate us to stay as long as possible in the project…
FLOATING INTEREST IS AN OPTION… OR VARIABLE WITH TERM OF STAY… this way you will reward the patience, faith in you and persistence of the old investors… airdrops are a big mistake, this is how the short-term investor is encouraged, who takes a quick profit, dissolves and it brings down the prices even more… don’t do it anymore it can be detrimental to the project…

thanks for your attention …hope I was helpful with the idea of ​​future stability…
greetings and good luck….

I think the answer is to hire a proven CMO. One that is experienced in growing brands in the tech/Web3/Crypto related spaces. One that is highly familiar of the important players, events, users in the web3 space and network/collab with them. One of the best marketing and branding I’ve seen on a new project is a project called Aleph Zero. They truly have masterful craft, they do not even have any products out yet but have attracted a dedicated early loyal following, especially developers building, attracted over 1500 dapps on smart contracts testnet, way even before mainnet. The result of consistent great communications strategies, marketing and branding over time. Brand ambassadors are very engaged and active. Customer relations are 1/10 the size of POSI but very high quality if you go to their website/twitter/discord/TG etc. This is not a passive shill, this is more for reference to have a benchmark of what it looks like to grow a brand from the development/building phase. Please do not hire old school types, but those who are up to date with trends and equipped in the modern day communications strategies/marketing/advertising tools and not just do cheap tactics like tiny giveaways. Not to be mean but this just attracts a lot of unsophisticated users with not much capital spending. That’s why when i see so many twitter giveaways, i keep thinking who is POSI targeting really? The branding confuses me, and I cannot pinpoint the POSI identity right now.There’s so much cheap advertising tactics but theres no proper marketing, just all advertising and giveaways. There’s different stages to branding/marketing, don’t just advertise a product when its done. Especially if you only stick to advertise a flawed product, you can quickly advertise it to its downfall and brand trust disappears in a blink of an eye. Please hire a proper CMO and don’t just keep building and building and building. Start developing the actual marketing and brand. Again don’t just advertise! <3


@Dragon @justin @Justin_Position some additional feedback from me, with love, no hate. just passion. <3

You know i am really passionate when it comes to the brand/marketing side of things.

When I see great projects that have such strong branding/marketing, they don’t even need to do much incentives or giveaways because the people are just fighting to get a piece of that brand.

The projects that i find lacking branding are the ones who give so much giveaways so early on, its ok when the project is mature, just a way to give back to its community, but if incentives and giveaways are used so much as the main tool to attract users to “COME HERE COME HERE” then it will more ofter always not go as well as initially projected, because those projections lack the basic foundation: the brand. We really need to invest in the brand/marketing even if it is expensive, we need people to be like “I WANT POSI. HOW DO I GET INVOLVED in this project” we need to have such a strong brand, so strong that the POSI army will have ammo to go out there and promote, so strong people are subscribing to waitlists to test our products or provide liquidity or buy the POSI coins because they believe in it. We don’t want to just say “HEY! come spread the word and i’ll give you 10 posi”. This is not a way to retain users. It will bring new users in, but not the users we want and need.

We need actual ambassadors that believe in what POSI is marketing, the VISION and believe because of this vision, that the price of the coin will appreciate, so they will share it will everyone they know for their own benefit as well. Theres an urgency to this as it takes time to build a brand, and please do asap as i do not see much efforts of this. I only see a lot of advertising products/promotions, and more advertising of the actual advertisement or promotions for those products, which is so confusing to me. advertising even though is expensive, but it has to work in synergy with the overall marketing.


Thank you for your passionate and insightful message about the importance of branding and marketing for our project. We absolutely agree that a strong brand and marketing strategy are crucial for building a loyal community and attracting new users.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that marketing and branding efforts require funding, which is currently a challenge for our project due to the current market conditions. We are working diligently to improve the financial situation of the project so that we can invest in marketing and branding in a meaningful way.

In the meantime, we are making the best of the resources we have available to us, including our marketing team and agents. We are constantly evaluating and refining our marketing strategy to ensure that it aligns with our vision and goals for the project. We appreciate your suggestions about the importance of having genuine ambassadors who believe in the project and its vision, and we will keep that in mind as we move forward with our marketing efforts.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback and support for our project.

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I totally understand, alright then, appreciate the continued efforts to improve th3 financials and doing everything the team can with the resources it has. Keep it up, hard work will pay off in the end. Will keep supporting POSI.