I want to hear @Justin 's thoughts on stablecoins

I want to know Justin’s thoughts on stablecoins in crypto. How to make them more secure and safe for users, and are decentralized stablecoins possible? And also, do the team have any thoughts or even plans about their own stablecoin, in connection with recent events, when even the most eminent and trusted stablecoins from users lose their peg and cannot stabilize the rate to $1. Stablecoins are quite popular, and with the naked eye you can see the demand and relevance in them, and since dptp is traded in tandem with stablecoins, this is a doubly relevant topic. Right off the bat I’m not proposing anything and don’t want people to think that I’m hungry for a stablecoin from the posi team, I’m extremely interested in Justin’s thoughts on this post so I can understand the planning horizon of in building a reliable and stable platform