Introduction of small new features

So, these are just my suggestions since i faced the need of them while using our position exchange for months now…

  1. Add a feature of “Alerts” for bonds, since I mostly forget about them and the bonds just get announced, stay unsold for majority of part, and start the active phase. This “Alert” feature can help us by providing notifications/alerts about any upcoming bonds either p2p or issued bonds by position exchange. This would help us investors not to miss the opportunity of investing in bonds, and the bonds wouldn’t be undersold cuz most people miss out on them (ig) cuz of ignorance or being forgetful like me, and these bonds go unnoticed.
    I hope this feature is easy to implement for the team, and if any such feature already exists then please let me know :sweat_smile:

  2. The same could be implemented for our dptp positions too… whenever our position is in the danger zone of being liquidated, and if by any chance the trader isn’t actively tracking the Market, it can help him to avoid a big loss by sending a small notification.

(In Both these points, I am not only talking about providing the notifications through app, but create a notifications tab for traders on the web itself, so that if the user is using the exchange on web, he can still see all his notifications/alerts)


Thanks for your suggestion. We have added this issue to our backlog and will prioritize it for implementation.