It was DPTP, it became Punix or Punlix

I suggest this name, mainly because I really liked it :smiley:
And if you try to put meaning in this name, then “P” is Position
“uni” in French “to connect”
“x” can be an abbreviation for “exchange” or something similar in meaning to a word where there is an “x”
Yes, and I have not seen projects in crypto or in other fields with the same name
But you can make Punlix, but instead of “Uni” which means “connect” in French, you can take the word “unlimited” then
“P” position(or positional) “unli” unlimited “x” exchange, and then this variant in the context of the meaning, even more suitable

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there is still an option
“P” perpetual or position
“X” exchange
“C” chain
Perpetual eXchange in a Chain

PuNix is not good idea. PuNix pronounce as poo like :poop:. So why we need that? Also there is exchange called poocoin. So from SEO prospective if people google Punix but misspelled it as PoNix or PoNix,google can ask did you mean poocoin exchange.
It is difficult to explain in short text but as I know and understand Google search algorithm. The name
Pu…not good idea.

hahah, did you even try to google Punix? I tried it, and there is not even close to poocoin, the similarity of spelling or pronunciation of poocoin and punix is not visible to me, no matter how hard I try

there is the Poloniex exchange, the first letters “P” and “O” are there, according to your logic, it’s almost like poocoin, but for some reason I’ve never heard anyone confuse them,
+poocoin is not as popular as you think

Hi everyone, I appreciate you taking the time to suggest names for the new version of DPTP. I’m truly grateful, and we’ll compile a list of the proposed names for the entire community to vote on. Keep up the good work!