New Idea for Liquidity providers system

Hi Justin, I hope you are doing well. I have some ideas regarding “DPTP’s Plan to Increase Liquidity and Enhance Trading Stability”, specifically:
“We will retain the current share rate as a 30% liquidated position will be used to stake for token holders while the other 70% will go to liquidity providers. However, the fees will be redistributed, with 30% going to buy back and burn, 50% going to liquidity providers, and 20% going to development purposes.”

Let’s separate 10% from total 70% of the liquidity providers to Venture Capitals". Why we need that?

  1. LP token price set as 1$ to 1 LP token specifically for Venture Capital Companies (VC companies). (The regular price is 1.20$ =1 LP token). VC companies will get discounts.
  2. Make minimum purchase 1 million of LP token or 1 million $.
    The maximum limit is 10 million $.
    A) use 10% from collected funds for buy back and burn.
    B) 80% for marketing and development (40% for marketing and 40% for development)

-40% marketing need to spend for:
-listings on the top crypto exchanges at least 5 exchanges or more

  • organize dptp Trading competition for 500 000$ USDT prize.
    Organize competition DEX Trading for 500 000$ USDT.
    C) use 10% from collected funds to provide collateral. Set 1 posi price as 1$ Usdt. That way VCs will be less motivated to sell posi for less.
    Collateral will be locked for 3 or 6 months with 6 months of collateral withdrawal harvesting time. This way it will prevent for selling huge amount of posi into the market.

D) LP’s of Venture Capitals token will be locked for 6 months and on maturity will be equal to minimum 1 million posi and total 10 million posi.(10 million posi vesting checking "C " part of this topic).

So, at the end Position exchange will get funds.
Posi coin will be purchased from the market around 20 million posi or more. 1 million $ will be used for buy back and burn. 10 million posi will be locked. Trading competition will bring a lot of new users and potential posi buyers. A lot of fees will be collected.

For Venture Capitals Companies benefits, they will get 10% of total fees which will be in stable coins. Also , VCs will get from 1 million to 10 million posi. Posi price is with will go up more than 1$ as the system I described above. So it will benefit them as well.

ONLY CONDITION is bug free products with liquidity.


Do you have 10K posi?? If yes please start doing a governance poll user will vote and Devs have to to implement it.

Thank you for sharing this idea to enhance DPTP’s liquidity and trading stability. Let me provide you with a comprehensive answer that covers both the positive and negative aspects of your suggestion. However, you may wait for Justin’s answer if he gets the chance to provide one. He is super busy with the technical team nowadays.

Firstly, setting a separate token price for Venture Capital Companies (VCs) is an innovative idea that could attract more institutional investors to the platform. By offering a discount on the LP token price, VCs will be more likely to invest in DPTP, which will ultimately increase the liquidity of the protocol.

Secondly, the idea of setting a minimum purchase limit of 1 million LP tokens or 1 million USD and a maximum limit of 10 million USD could be beneficial for the exchange. It would help to raise a substantial amount of funds that could be used for buybacks, burns, marketing, and development purposes.

Thirdly, allocating 40% of the funds collected from VCs to marketing and development will help to promote DPTP and attract more users to the platform. The idea of organizing a trading competition with a $500,000 USDT prize could also be an effective way to gain more users.

However, there are also some potential negative aspects of this suggestion. Allocating 10% of the funds collected from VCs to provide collateral could lead to a decrease in the number of available tokens in the market. This could cause the price of the token to increase (while good for older holders), which may deter new users from joining the platform. They will consider losing the bottom price. Also, using too much of the token for collateral can expose the project to a dilemma if the market doesn’t move in our favor.

Additionally, locking the LP tokens of VCs for six months may be a turn-off for some investors. It could also limit the liquidity of the token, making it difficult for traders to buy and sell positions on the platform.

Furthermore, while the idea of setting a separate token price for VCs is a unique one, it could lead to accusations of unfair treatment from other investors who did not receive a discount on the LP token price.

Therefore, in my opinion, while the idea of allocating funds to VCs and providing discounts on the LP token price is an interesting one, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of this suggestion. It is crucial to ensure that the implementation of this idea is bug-free and does not negatively affect the liquidity and trading stability of DPTP.