New name proposal for updated DPTP

1: You can make “Perlp” or “PerLP”, from the abbreviation “Perp”(perpetual) and “LP”
or “Pearlp” from the word “Pearl” and “LP”
it seems to me that it means good, and it has to do with the name of the underlying functions
2: there is another idea:
“UIT” from “Utility”(U) and “Innovation”(I) and “Trading”(T)
or “UITrading”

  • or “IPT”
    “Innovation Position Trading”
    all these words will describe the function quite accurately and sound good
    3: “Aeterpos”
    from the Latin word “aeternus” (perpetual) and the ending from “Position” or from the abbreviation “Posi” as you like
  • Either “Eterpos” from the already English word (eternal) and the ending is also “pos” (position and posi)
    4: “Tradewitlim” from words (Trade without limits)
    another variation of “Trawitlim” from the same words, but from each word 3 first letters
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I think if you do decide to re-brand, pease do it properly and hire a branding specialist, branding strategies and identity is an art as you probably already know from your years of experience. And please please please keep it simple, something easy to connect with. Nothing cryptic/mysterious, foreign or cheezy acronyms/wordplays. At the end of the day, best that you do not leave the branding and identity of the new “DPTP” product to the community or own personal bias, otherwise there is no point to do a re-branding as it wont make a difference if its going to be the same inhouse approach in the end. Hire a pro please unless your inhouse has proven success, only you would know that.
Edit: lastly f im going to be completely honest, there really was nothing wrong with Position Exhange, there was just way too much going on. I mentioned this long ago Position itself is already a brand but if you try to do too much at the same time, the brand loses its image. When you approach it first with your core product which was the perpetual exchange, should have released that first and built around it. But because we release way too many things at the same time, Position has lost its identity, there is no focused strategy. We got NFT DEX SWAP Bonds, bonds exchange, p2p, posi chain, bridges PTX, etc etc, all of these developed and released at the same timeframe with no clear brand strategy or focus (to me). Its ok to keep building but branding strategies should not be overlooked. In the very beginning Position had a clear brand image and that was DPTP, and Position was on its way getting known in the community as the first move Perpetuals exchange. That was what i believed Position Exchange was. We should have focused on that but we built and developed DPTP too slow and now becoming the last of the current product line to be relased. Went from being a first mover to trying to catch up. But you still can. Focus on the core product and think what is Position Exchange really about? What is its core product then brand Position to focus on that. Theres just too many going on simultaneously. So in the end if you just re-focus Position to be the “DPTP” then brand position exchange as the decentralized trading protocol then have an umbrella from there. That would really be ideal. Position Exchange is a good brand, just lacks focus.

“Position Futures”
the simplest and most appropriate name, it seems to be already in use, in the tab “Futures” not written dptp, but written Position Futures, let it stay like that

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