New Pool for PTX

I have an idea for a ptx pool that will enable ptx holders to earn commissions from dex
Such a pool that will give busd for staking will be in great demand, and this should significantly affect the demand for ptx, but the problem of unlimited emission still remains, and I propose to introduce a burning element in this pool, namely:
Time for which you can stake your ptx
But for each period there will be a different percentage of steak body burning, namely:
30d - burning 50%
90d - burning 35%
180d - burning 10%
And thanks to such a system, you can constantly burn ptx, because this pool will be almost the main good reason to buy ptx or receive ptx from other pools, and for a long time in 180d but only 10% will also give the deflation element, because offers on the market will get smaller and demand will grow due to a very attractive pool where you can get busd just for staking
And if you do nothing with unlimited emission, and how not to burn ptx, then this will lead to hundreds of millions of coins in 1-2 years maximum