New pools and farms

I really don’t know about the technical difficulty of implementing this in the platform, but it is something that we see in other projects, and I’m sure it is of interest to the community, it has been more requested, but today not so much. New pools and farms with different cryptos, would have a positive impact on TVL, when we will be able to see pools with Bitcoin, eth and projects in general?

Pools with, put posi and get other coin

Will it only be possible if it comes by partneship?


Biswap constantly brings new pools of different tokens and to participate, you need to lock in a minimum amount of BSW in the 90D Locked Pool. By locking BSW, you automatically become eligible to participate in these pools. There are BTC, ETH, MATIC, DOT, ADA, and so on, of course, these pools are rotated over a certain period.
This system might fit well in POSI, as you would create mechanisms for investors to lock their coins for a certain period to have access to other platform products, not to mention the increase in TVL. :+1:t2:


Good bro team should think about this

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Dear user, thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts with us. Adding new pool pairs is technically possible for our devs to develop. As we had a couple of them like Babyswap-Posi before.
However, providing the liquidity for such pools demand a big extra fund or a 50-50-share partnership with those projects. We are in developing period yet and once we are fully launched we will get revenue from our products and can spend some of it for such purposes too. A bit patience and we are there :hugs: