NICE IDEA -New liquidity providers rewards mechanism for posi/ptx holders

Hi Justin,

In response to your replied comments:
"We understand your concerns regarding the distribution of the protocol revenues to $POSI & $PTX holders. We appreciate your support as a staked POSI holder on the POSI Chain mainnet. Your contribution towards the stability of the project is highly valued and will not be overlooked.

Regarding the distribution ratio, we have decided to reserve 30% of the protocol revenues for $POSI & $PTX holders. However, the final distribution method will be determined through a governance voting process, taking into consideration the opinions and suggestions of all the stakeholders.

And, as Willsun pointed out, there may be some technical difficulties in implementing cross-chain distribution. Nonetheless, I am confident that we can find a solution that benefits all holders. I will be proposing a proposal for further discussion and would appreciate your participation in finding the best solution that requires a little effort from all of us but is ultimately valuable for the stability and growth of the project.

Thank you"

I have more detailed suggestion, what if divide that 30% like this:

  1. Any time withdrawal PTX/POSI stake 5% out of 30% of liquidity providers.
    Any ptx/posi amount can be staked without any limits

Just for STAKING PURPOSE accept 1 ptx =1 posi.
If you staked 100 posi or 100 ptx should recieve the same amount of income.

What it will give? Now, ptx price is not 1 ptx=1 posi

But because of staking purpose 1 ptx =1 posi, people will prefer to buy ptx using posi or busd to make sure that price of 1 ptx = 1 posi. Let’s say 1 posi =0.10 ptx, holders will go to buy ptx because they know that for staking purpose 1 ptx= 1 posi.

Also, as because of this algorithm NFT and bond holders who are receiving ptx for rewards, they still be happy.

  1. 30 days ONLY POSI providers 10% out of 30% and limit 5 000 000 posi can be staked.
  2. 90 days ONLY POSI providers 15% out of 30% and
    25 000 000 posi million posi can be staked maximum

Creating such kind of system, firstly we will be able to lock 30 m posi (5m for 30 days and 25 m for 90 days). Secondly it will give guarantee to the people that less posi in circulation and need to buy but not selling feelings.
Thirdly, people will like to stake it as it is limited posi allowed to stake it.
Lastly, as because posi will have limited staked amount, the more FuturX will generate revenue, the more people will get the income.
The reason for that limits is, the more unlimited posi staked, the less amount of income people will get it.
For example, 1 month generated revenue 100 000$, lets say 10 m posi staked and let’s say 1000$ will get each provider.
But if 20m staked for next 30 days and the same 100 000$ revenue, and 500$ provides will get it.

With my suggestions is posi/ptx providers will get relatively stable income per month or even more.(more revenues =more income). So posi/ptx providers will not worry about that income will drop as more people staked. It will also create that feelings that if posi/ptx provider will unstake delegated amount, they can lose the spot and someone can replace them. Less the chance that people will sell posi.
PLEASE note that people can still be able to stake unlimited posi/ptx into no lock up periods and still get portion from 30% of total revenue (as I mentioned above 5% out of 30%)


  1. 6% of supply team posi 6 million posi (out of 9 million. 3 million has been used as per community approval to provide liquidity for dptp)
  2. 10 million posi staked on posi chain or 10%. (Hopefully people will keep it)
  3. With my mechanism of liquidity providers 30 million posi.(30 million posi will be locked - 5 million for 30 days and 25 million for 90 days)

So, 46% is out of circulation


sounds nice.
nice for posi

Why people will keep it when staking reward on posichain is way lower than what you are proposing for here. I will unstake there and move here to get more rewards!!

You will have challenges as if FuturX will get busier more posi you can get as the rewards, as the more transactions will be on posi chain. Challenges will be do you like to get rewards in BUSD/USDT by staking on FuturX liquidity pools or like to get rewards in posi by staking as the deligators pools. As the posi price will go higher, you may get more profit by staking as the deligators on posi chain

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On top of your suggestion, people will stake out from deligators and stake it on FuturX liquidity pool. That is why I suggested to limit staking amount into FuturX liquidity pool:
For 30 days 5 000 000 posi only can be staked
For 90 days 25 000 000 posi only can be staked.
You challenges do you want to lock your posi or you may not able to stake it at all, as it is limited posi can be staked

For the question:

ptx is unlimited supply right how can we peg ptx with posi even for locking one?


You want to stake on futurx and get reward from dptp. You have option to buy posi for 100$ Let’s say 2500 posi and get let’s say 50$ per month
Or buy undervalued ptx for 100$ which is 1 ptx = 0.10 posi.
10 000 ptx and get 10 000 posi staked value or
200$ income per month.

What you will do? Logically buy ptx to get more profit as 1 ptx=1 posi for staking purpose.

For locking for 30/90 days only POSI can be use it.
So ptx and posi value should go up like this.