Offer Our DPTP to other DEX and Make Partnership

Because our DPTP is unique Can we offer our DPTP to other DEX, it’s great to increase volume, protocol revenues, and more visibility, like ApolloX did to Pancake, Biswap.
We can also offer to other chain DEX when we are already multichain.
Can’t wait our DPTP are used by other DEX
I see a greatness potential of Position Exchange


We can go Gasless and multi-chain if we make partnership with Kaddex and KDSwap these are Gasless dex.

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I don’t know about dptp for other dexes, but our dtpt “engine” is available for other defi projects, and this will eventually increase the volume of transactions in posichain, first to millions of transactions per day, and later to hundreds of millions, and being a validator or delicator in our blockchain, for the long term, this is a very promising undertaking

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I think that the order book in posichain cannot work without gas, because it transfers all transactions to posichain from other blockchains, and charges gas for this, even though it is 0.00000001 or how much, I don’t remember

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Hello IDN.Ninja,

Thank you for your suggestion and for recognizing the potential of our DPTP and Position Exchange. We appreciate your passion for our project and your enthusiasm for exploring new opportunities for growth and expansion.

We are actively working on making our DPTP scalable and customizable, with the goal of enabling others to create their own exchange using the same on-chain order matching engine of Position Exchange and sharing liquidity. This will provide tremendous benefits for the ecosystem, including increased volume, protocol revenues, and more visibility.

However, this process is complex and requires careful planning and execution. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the DPTP is properly documented and designed to meet the needs of other DEXs, while maintaining the integrity, security, and decentralization of the system.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards this goal. We are confident that with your support, we will be able to achieve our vision for a decentralized and interoperable exchange ecosystem.

Please note that we will keep you informed on our roadmap and plans for 2023, as we continue to develop and improve the DPTP and Position Exchange.

Best regards,


Sir When Road Map will be announced for 2023 February month is continue?