Of course, I understand everything, but it seems to me that such a name is at least defiant. I have this name associated with the time when posi had the message “Killer of Centralization” and then it looked funny, not even because after that posi did not become any “killer of centralization” but rather on the principle of “If you drive more quietly, you will continue on your way” and this is a more attractive strategy for long-term marketing (as for me) and personally I am more wary of projects that want to do something like “trash-talk”, make defiant statements, position themselves as a “killer” of anyone was. I also looked warily at Sam Beckman-Fried, who often wrote how to and how not to do, like someone doing something badly, as if saying, “they are somehow not like that” in order to look against their background like a knight in shining armor
In general, I hope that posi will no longer resort to such a marketing strategy, and will not call something a “killer” of something, at least it does not look serious (again, my personal opinion)


I totally agree. I already mentioned this before when POSI had a campaign of CEX killer or something. We shouldnt be campaigning for other projects to die. Lets all build together and make this space better. Everyones goal is decentralization in the end but every project along the way have their purpose and makes way for new projects to flourish in the future. CEX provided users seamless onramping and offramping, which paved way for defi to flourish cause it was easier for fiat to enter the market. Also a lot of CEX actually provide backing to many projects in the space including Defi. CEXes do not have this attitude that they will be DEX killers, they actually encourage innovation and back them up, whether financially or on advisory roles etc. Also Pancakeswap early on is the reason I was able to purchase POSI using the swap and now we are campaigning to be a Pancake killer? Poor marketing taste. Anyway the point is, I also dont like those kind of “killer” words and POSI should not brand itself a killer of anything. And lastly this is why I wrote a DM to Justin about our marketing. But I cant articulate my thoughts well so I dont think my point really came out.


Judging by the love of the team, making “screaming” names, or a statement, it’s strange why they didn’t call posichain the killer of ethereum? :smiley:

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Perhaps all these strange “killers” come from Justin? So it’s unlikely that the devs or marketing team choose this course without Justin’s final approval, or maybe “Centralization” and “Pancake” offended the whole team very much, and she is so offended by them that she wants to kill them :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hello dear user, where did you find this word “Pancakekiller”? Was in in our social medias? Any officials from Position Exchange has used it? If so, please send me a screenshot or link , thank you

I have provided a screenshot
I send it again:

Oh I see. This “Killer” word is used as a trolling tool and hyping the event. It is not a serious terminology. Don’t mind it so seriously :blush:

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anyway, it doesn’t look professional


No matter what, All ideas are welcomed and respected ,my friend. Thank you

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  • I love the “PancakeKiller” idea
  • I don’t love it
  • Need an other idea

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Hey everyone,

It’s still in the early stages, but we’d love to hear what you think. To gather your feedback, I’ve created a simple survey. Your input will be incredibly valuable as we work to shape and refine this idea. The poll will be closed within 24 hours.

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to share your thoughts. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say.



Undoubtedly, the name of the campaign owes this, it is a name with originality, which demonstrates impact, it is the normal spirit of a simple competition. No one is going to pick up a gun and shoot the pancake, it’s just a brilliant marketing phrase, there’s no way to take it seriously…


JUSTIN , I understand the name perfectly, it’s a wish of the POSITION team. But we can only keep that name when the POSITION is really greater than the PANCAKE otherwise it can have the opposite effect of MEME. The day we surpass them (VAI ACONTECER) we will be the first to spread that phrase everywhere. For now we are still “new” and we really need to show and convince competitors with numbers and good products that we are bigger.

Let’s make POSITION TEAM happen and spread this phrase to the world.


Ai the name would be “We kill pancake”, the idea of the campaign is to bring users of pancake, and work so that we can pass, and the name of the campaign is very good, “Pancake killer”, honestly, a generic campaign phrase in place of killer will leave simple, the current name has identity, and show what POSI wants to do


“brilliant” marketing ploy :smiley:
there is such a thing as expediency
and in this case it is expressed in the fact that some, and perhaps many users, have doubts about a project in which such function headers appear
But if this heading does not exist, then people who will have some mixed feelings will be catastrophically less than if this heading were present.
again, this is just my feeling, maybe yours is completely different, and you always dreamed that there would be a project that would make such headlines
But personally, I have never heard of any project causing mixed feelings due to the lack of a loud or even defiant headline or slogan, all serious and successful projects (that I know) did not adopt such “brilliant” marketing moves.

I believe that we should always focus on our growth, we will be much bigger than pancake, so why worry about them? any hurt? let them be happy there and us here.

Your reasoning leads to the anilogue that posi wants to be the most main bully in school.
and it’s like saying “I’m all so cool, cocky, killer” but the reality at the moment is that there is nothing behind this, yes features are finally starting to come out, and many new users who come after the release of dex will remember this project for key points, for someone it will be a new posi distribution company, for someone it will be a roulette wheel, for someone it will be a more suitable functionality for their tasks, and someone will have exactly this pancake migration function, and they remember its name, and God forbid, something goes wrong, and posi again falls into hibernation for a year, and all these users will remember this and remember this “impudence” that will become the object of ridicule

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I don’t even want to discuss this from an “ideological” point of view, here you can look at this even only from a practical one,“it’s” not obligatory, but “this” is already causing controversy
this does not look like a good strategic move, to put it bluntly


Pancake killer sure!


It will become a laughing stock if you can’t get over it. I don’t think this is very smart, this process should take some time to happen if the team does the job and partners correctly.


nao é …a mais brilhantes ideias para uma frase, mas nao estou contra , im.posi,vel nao existe

it’s not … the brightest ideas for a sentence, but I’m not against it, im.posi,vel doesn’t exist