Please make some effort on Dex

Hi guys,

I agree, we are short on funds and marketing is not possible right now. But what’s stopping us to put effort on partnerships and new launches on dex, really I don’t understand @justin .

I would like to Put an example of a new dex SWAPSICLE. Right now they are not at a very good state, if we go by token price, listing etc. Just like us they’re not spending on marketing also. But look at their effort on dex. There is nothing unique they’re doing, but with that small team, they are winning heart of their holders with effort and hard work.

Please have look at their twitter handle here
I dont want to post much about the token, as it would look like promoting, but I request @justin to have look at their strategy and partnerships.

I’m sure we need to dedicate a different team to dex and it could earn back to our team in return.


I just checked that DEX, it has 200k market capitalization, no listing on any exchanges except own exchange. Circulation of the token unknown, less than 300 telegram users, the token price is going down. They are copying dex mechanism on backend.
I don’t understand what do you mean by take a look at this project? What specifically they are doing well?
Marketing? So why doesn’t have so many users?
May be listings? But they even didn’t listed on pancakeswap based on coingecko?

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@JPGdoc @Murray_Evans

Dear users, thank you for your valuable feedback and concern regarding the current status of our Dex.

We acknowledge the significance of promoting one of our main features, Dex. It has always been in our paln to do so.

As you may have noticed, the root cause of this situation is the lack of liquidity for both our Futures platform and Dex part. Hopefully, with the new plan coming soon, we will try to increase the liquidity, in order to promote more Dex pairs for our traders to use and with a higher liquidity, assure them a smoother function.

Thank you again for your support :pray:

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