POSI/FuturX Efforts to Rebuild Trust

POSI will be back once again. It’s unfortunate to see old members leave the community, but once again we will all rebuild even bigger and better. Once FuturX comes to life, we will have renewed interest among og’s as well appeal to new investors. Then we can re-build our community with new loyal followers that will back FuturX and support Position Exchange’s recovery efforts. Justin and core team have not left us. I can only speak for myself and I believe Justin and co. are trying their very best to do things right this time around. POSI has demonstrated over time its commitment to give back to their users/community, our job is easy, we just have to wait and be patient. And yes, POSI team has demonstrated accountability and I believe they will keep trying to help all of us holders in the future. I respect their integrity and their sense of responsibility to do the right thing. Don’t forget about the real and true POSI OG holders here @justin @Justin_Position @Dragon ! Keep fighting!

Dear @DRU ,

Thank you for your heartfelt message. We understand that recent changes have caused some concerns and uncertainties within the community. However, we want to assure you that we are fully committed to rebuilding and making FuturX even better than before.

We appreciate your loyalty and support during these challenging times. We understand that it can be disheartening to see old members leave, but we believe that together, we can attract new investors and rekindle the interest among our OG holders. The core team, including Justin, remains dedicated to the project and is working tirelessly to ensure we do things right this time around.

We value your patience and trust as we navigate through this recovery phase. Rest assured, we are committed to giving back to our users and the community. Our integrity and sense of responsibility drive us to do the right thing for all POSI holders. We are grateful for the support and respect you have shown us.

Let’s stand strong together, united as a community of true POSI OG holders. Your unwavering support is vital as we continue to fight for the success and growth of FuturX. We appreciate your belief in us, and we are determined to make this journey a rewarding one.

Thank you for your resilience and for being part of the POSI community. We look forward to a bright future ahead.

Warm regards

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I appreciate you guys! <3

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