Posi project or dead project

Only dead project because all the money was taken out by the team

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This is a serious forum, not a place to come and cry for the price.
You don’t deserve developers to waste time reading your comment!
Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Dear user, we are sorry to hear you feel that way and thank you for sharing your concern with us. Please check out our Tokenomics to see the team has only 10% of the supply in possession and this 10% has been locked for 2 years since the start of the project and it has not been unlocked yet.
If you check our project status among, you can find us among the very top projects on bnbchain with the biggest growth in terms of new user joining, social activity and engagement of the community, and Developers activity.
We are very much alive, thanks to our community support and loyality.