Posi Talk recaps

Hello @everyone

For those who missed our recent Posi Talk event, here’s a quick recap of what was discussed:

A. DPTP achievements:

-DPTP has hit almost 1 billion BUSD trading volume on our top 5 pairs weekly

-Almost 23,000 unique wallets participated in our referral competition

-Hitting almost 50,000 transactions weekly

-Generating $50,000+ profits weekly

-We’ve bought back and burned almost 800,000+ Posi using the revenues made by DPTP

-Posi’s price has increased by 20% weekly

-We have been trending as a top 4 Defi Dapp on BNBCHAIN

-Successfully integrated into Posichain and OKC and running smoothly on 3 blockchains

(However, PBUSD plan didn't go as expected, some traders exploited our Bonus BUSD campaign and left us with a big loss in liquidity which resulted in traders' funds and profits being stuck, and Futures pools stakers unable to unstake their funds)

B. New plan for our Decentralized Perpetual Trading Protocol:

-Our next partner Blockchain has been chosen by the community, Arbitrum and we have named our protocol Futurx

-Development and adjustments are more than 70% done for new plan implementation

C. Expected improvements by implementing Futurx on Arbitrum:

-Hoping to resolve liquidity issue when we launch Futurx on Arbitrum with some unique features and activities

-A more featured and user-friendly interface for Futurx

-Exposure to one of the biggest userbase blockchains

-Attracting a lot of new traders and potential investors

-Receiving decent volume of revenues for different purposes and specifically for continuing buying back and burning Posi

-Stabilizing Posi chart price

D. Marketing:

-The team has shifted from conventional marketing strategies to more advanced and guaranteed methods like trending the project among top ones from different point of views and partnering with other big projects using our products, and publishing informative articles in well-known media

-The focus is on bringing new traders to the project to shape a rising trend in Posi chart, then trying to attract new investors

F. Suggestions made by our holders:

-Focus on releasing a flawless Futurx using a pro tester team

-Reduce the current APR of pools

-Make new partnerships with both our competitors and non-competitors

We appreciate your continued support and involvement in the Posi community. Let’s work together to make Posi and Futurx a success!

Feel free to drop your comments or questions regarding the discussed topics in the Posi Talk.


When we will receive our busd which we invest in future staking pool any explanation about this if position exchange is not scam then why we are not enable to un stake our busd how your exchange is decentralized we have not control on our money in your exchange we want to take back our busd from future staking pool but we can’t what is reason when we will get our busd back

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Hello @Ihtisham12

Thank you for sharing your concern with us. We are sorry for the inconvenience you are experiencing right now because of the liquidity issue in our DPTP staking pools.

There is a misunderstanding here. Please read my message carefully. We have not locked the liquidity. It is a decentralized platform. The liquidity is just depleted by those Cheater traders.

The team are much more hurt than you, but they are tirelessly working to implement a new plan to bring in liquidity to DPTP futures staking pools so that both the traders and the stakers can continue their activities, Trading, Harvesting and Unstaking.

So please be advised not to accuse anyone wrongly. I explained very clearly what the situation is.

Also you can keep track of the ongoing Refund, Harvest and Unstaking which is already happening theough BSCscan.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.