Posichain Instabilities

Will posichain be able to process more than a million transactions per day right now? I know that TPS in posichain is 10k, but you can see that this blockchain has failed more than once, even when there are only a couple of dozen transactions per second, and 120-150k per day
but for dex, and even more so for dptp, you need an uninterrupted system that will fail 1-2 times a year, for a couple of minutes maximum, and then, due to an infelicity, and dptp is a month old, and it has already stopped working several times due to for problems with the blockchain, in which the power is 10k transactions per second, and it fails when is involved 1% of this power is idle, this is alarming

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Dear user, thank you for sharing your concerns and questions with us.
We are at our initial stages of developing our own blockchain. We surely will improve all aspects of our chain step by step. Developing a blockchain which can host our innovative features needs time, hardwork and precision. Fortunately, our developers are capable enough to have developed our chain from the scratch so far. They will continue their hard work until it pay off.

Btw, DPTP issue( which was resolved) didn’t have anything to do with Posichain.

Thank you again for your support.

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I didn’t see burn address yesterday, and I couldn’t see my posichain staking profile, and that’s when people started complaining about problems with dptp, strange))
As far as I know, posichain was not created from scratch, it is almost a copy of the harmony blockchain, only without 3 shards :thinking:


DPTP issue was liquidity fund which was resolved lately. Had nothing to do with posichain.

About our blockchain, you may get better information from the CTO @dannyposition#5867 in our dev server.

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As long as we don’t resolve DPTP, we can’t claim anything !!!

I have stopped trading in DPTP

  • Orders are not updating and not showing up.
  • Order Processing taking too long
  • Weird price movements

You guys should all concentrate in solving the issues. Denial mode doesn’t help.

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