POSITION Brand. Simplifying Product Line (Keep it simple)

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I would suggest a quicker solution which is to restructure and simplify the product line and naming conventions. Instead of seperating the DPTP, I would just strengthen the “POSITION” brand. Its awkward on its own but the exchange needs to be dropped and just emphasize the “POSITION” brand with all letters capitalized. This is to seperate it from the actual “position” word which is widely used in trading and a generic day to day term. I think Position Exchange is going through what OKX went through before when they were known as OKEX and then rebranded as OKX (We are changing our name and our brand identity | OKX)

*Also stay away from naming products with v1 v2 v3 like what Posi keeps doing. Its poor practice branding wise (ie. nft v2 v3, dex 2.0, dptp 2.0 etc) - this is not a mobile phone so it shouldnt be named like that. If you upgrade the product, just leave the name alone.

Just ideas to keep it simple and get rid of the revision numbers but at the same time strengthening the POSITION brand itself and making its products much more recognizable.

POSITION Perpetuals
POSITION Exchange (Spot / Dex / Bonds consolidate all pairs in this one exchange and just explain in a different way that you can trade bonds too)
POSITION Convert (aka Swap or even name islt POSITION Swap)
POSITION Launchpad
POSITION Learn & Earn
Etc etc you get the point

At the end of the day, you dont necessarily have to literally name everything with the word POSITION but just strengthen the brand and just have generic naming for your products. Just like what Binance and OKX does. When you have a big product line and a complex ecosystem, best to just keep it simple. This is just another way to consider moving forward.

So you just have to market market maket the brand POSITION and thats your marketinf teams job to communicate and let people also know that this is not a CEX. Which is the easy part.


How about?

  1. PX
  2. POX
  3. POSIX
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@justin this is a good point

The reasoning is interesting, I think the current name of the entire platform is good, and products that go beyond the wing of the general name should also have Position in the name, thus the most appropriate name for dptp would be Position futures, the same method uses binance, I think this is the most appropriate name for such functions

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POX- usually short for “smallpox”
why even try to copy the name of OKX but only in the manner of position?
You can take letters from the words “Position” “Exchange” “Perpetual” and select interesting combinations, as was the case with “Forex” “Foreign” “Exchange”
Let’s say: Ponex, or Ponx or PNX, and so on, in general, for such things, companies hire a special person, or even several, who develop the name, and its meaning, and how it will sound and look

How about this?

POP = Perpetual exchange Of Posinations

PTX = Position Trade Xchange
PEX = Position Exchange/ Perpetual Exchange
PET = Position Express Trade

Yea good idea to shorten it too, even as simple as rebranding to POSI since that brand practically exist already so it is easy to recognize

POSI Chain
POSI Army lolol

So like,

POSI Futures
POSI Exchange
POSI NFT Marketplace
POSI Convert

Etc etc

This shortened version to POSI would be ideal for a seamless re-branding!