Position Exchange DAO Foundation

Is there any update regarding the creation of the DAO? It seemed to be progressing well, but it stopped along with communication. As Justin mentioned:

https://x.com/JustinPosition/status/1637156177921576961 -

Let’s work together to grow the project and transform it into a genuine community-driven endeavor

If it’s not possible to update the entire community, update a DAO so that they can keep us active. The distance from the developer team to the community is very detrimental to the project.

I hope that the relaunch Justin is planning includes reopening channels with the community.

Another question, I know data is a problem. Because of the expectation. But can we see the relaunch plan this first quarter?

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During the entire time I was in this project, I understood one thing: all these “plans”, “road maps” and similar fantasies of the developers are precisely the fantasies of the developers, and most likely Justin personally, all his promises and all his stories about what they will so innovative that we will simply write in boiling water, these are just their fantasies, and as practice has shown, fantasies without clear and competent management that knows what it is doing, how it will do it, and what is needed for this, simply remain fantasies, until someone - someone else, more competent or more talented, does not implement them
We were still under the influence of fantasies, our own and those imposed by the management of this project, for me this is a personal pain, because I clearly saw that project about which people usually say “ohhh I wish I knew about it 1-2 years ago… "
This project can no longer be saved, too many similar ones have already appeared on the market, they have already gone too far, and with such leadership it will be impossible for this project to even survive, let alone be on par with them. And here they again let us know that don’t expect anything in the coming months, this is already happening so systematically that you can even get used to it…

There was never a DAO in this project, it was just some events that were similar to a DAO, that’s all, apparently this is the whim of Justin, who wants to think that his project is all such a “folk” “community” and all that, but in fact, if the leadership disappears as it is now, then not a trace will remain of this “DAO”, and the entire community, which seems to be supposed to lead the project (according to the original ideology of the DAO) becomes faceless, it has no power, it cannot influence anything, even for the “chief ideologist of the DAO” in this project, who talked so much about how “our project is your project” (exaggerating) “a truly community- driven project”, to simply tell what is happening now, where we are moving, and what the hell has been going on in this project for the last 2 years?!
So this is not a DAO project, by no means