[Proposal] Revised Proposal for Transfer of 1 Million POSI to DPTP Insurance Funds and Withdrawal of 3,283,861 POSI for Donations to Holders

That’s not my point… The vast majority of the POSI on posichain was purchased and held on BSC… Some of it likely held on BSC for a long time. So you can not say that it wasn’t affected, it most likely was.

If this does not increase the maximum supply, then I am for (this does not really concern me, because most of my coins are on the posichain)

Where did you get them from? You bought them on posichain? I mean that is impossible, you bridged them from BSC, so you were affected. Just because you bridged them after doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive compensation.

Please ensure that you’ve gone through this post ( In-Depth Explanation of Decreased Balance in POSI Token Holders and Upcoming Donations to Ease the Effect - General - Position Exchange Forum) and confirm if you were impacted by the event mentioned. If so, please move your tokens back to the BNB Chain and hold them to receive the donation.

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I run a validator Justin, I have 10k POSI in that (Plus another 30k delegated to it), you want me to shut down my validator and move my coins back to BSC? Clearly that is not reasonable.

Please be informed that this donation is a way for us to repay our holders on the BNB Chain (which was credited to the Company Funds address ~3M last week), not to give out our tokens as gifts to all holders. If you haven’t been impacted by the event, then there is no need for any action on your part.

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To me it seems a reasonable proposal to make the donation, because transferring the posis to all the injured wallets would be impossible, because there must be thousands of wallets to do this manually.
I agree with your proposal Justin!
Keep doing a good job, you have my respect!


I’m not sure anyone has suggested the funds are being given out as “gifts”, where did you see that?

I am simply stating that it is more than likely that some of the people with coins on posichain were affected… Seems pretty straight forward to me… But requiring I shut my validator down and move all my funds back if I was affected seems unreasonable.

But whatever… :man_shrugging:

Greetings everyone, kindly take some time to review the proposals that have been put forward and cast your vote in accordance with your stance.

You can access the proposals through the following links:

Hi Justin, lets do differently:

  1. 3 million posi is too much for donation. What if we burn 50% and 50% for donation.
  2. Burn 2 million posi and 1 million posi additionally for posi insurance fund BUT for DEX

Hello my friend. Please read this post carefully so that be noticed what the reason is of this donation.

The problem happened on BSC and not Posichain. The donation will be on BSc only

The current rate is 7583876426200673, and based on current data, it’s estimated that the rate will be 7138074910259316 after execution. Keep in mind that this is only an estimate and the actual rate may differ. The time to execute is approximately 32 to 34 hours. Let’s cast your vote.

Dear user, thank you for sharing your valuable suggestions with us. If you check out the article you will notice it is not a donation. This money has been withdrawn from holders wallets ( RFI share) because of a technical error while the previous proposal was implemented. The team is returning those posi to the holders proportionally based on their holdings.
Fortunately, BBB mechanism is ongoing as well and both the team and the community are playing their roles quite impressing. Almost half a million posi has been burnt so far and let’s not forget we are in our initial steps of getting revenues.
Hopefully with our community support, we have a plan to burn 50m posi (50% of supply) in a 5-year period.

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Because one mistake, posi in holders wallet withdrawn to company reserve wallet. And to fix it, posi team create new proposal to withdraw about 3.2 M posi from company wallet and then will credit posi to holders wallet base on holding. Case close.

But here one problem, because RFI still exist, this mistake can happen again in the future. How you respond to this?

The issue is already fixed and guaranteed not to repeat again. No worries :+1:

With respect, I don’t expect your answer bro. Cause technically, this mistake can happen again in the future. This is very serious problem, how can fund withdrawn from some wallet without the owner being noticed and no transaction recorded on bscscan.
If this source of problem is RFI, my suggestion is we must remove this RFI no matter how hard it can be. Thanks

Justin has explained this case in a very detailed article , you can refer to it for more info. It is not just my answer.
Hopefully on Posichain there is no RFI.

Hopefully posi team not making mistake like this again

Dear Community,

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully executed the proposal and processed the refund. We kindly request that you check your wallet balance to see the refund amount.

Please note that Bscscan may take some time to reflect the updated information, so we advise checking the balance directly in your wallet for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always here to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Best regards,
Position Exchange Team