Proposed modification of the fee distribution ratio of DPTP

@justin @Justin_Position

In Justin’s new plan for DPTP, the rate of fee use arising from DPTP has been revised.

an existing plan : 100% going to buy back and burn
a revised plan : 30% going to buy back and burn
50% going to liquidity providers
20% going to development purposes

This team already receives 10 per cent of the POSI being minted.
Teams can earn a profit by staking or locking it.

‘we plan to implement a stake protocol for POSI holders that will account for approximately 30% of our efforts. We are also considering minting a token lock, such as vPOSI or vePOSI, like other locked tokens, which will significantly reduce the circulating supply of POSI and help increase its value. However, this will directly affect POSI holders so we will discuss it in future posts and voting proposals.’

It is not fair for the team to take 20 cents of the fees incurred in DPTP.
The fee used for the buyback and burn shall be not less than 40 cents.
POSI holders have been suffering for a long time. POSI TEAM should think more of the holders.

I think is good if for development purpose, but I’m agree with sentence “We have been suffering for a long time”

Hope after this DPTP project finished then BBB will massive again, we just enjoyed BBB for 16 days this year then stop till now, we need BBB for support the price.

The gmx team has only 2 per cent. Only 2 percent.
The gmx is a successful model.
The POSI team owns 10 percents. There’s enough already.