PTX vs PLP - the plan?

Having seen the FutureX website today and the info at the bottom around PLP, had me wondering

Is there any value in ditching PTX and then allowing us to convert PTX to PLP?

Maybe there is a grand plan for PTX forming but right now it feels a bit lifeless.

Do you understand what PLP is? it’s not the same as PTX,
PLP is the liquidity index for futurx
-This index (token) not will be traded like PTX,
but it will come at a cost
It is not minted as PTX
You buy PLP you profit from losing traders
and vice versa, if traders are successful at a particular moment, then at that moment your PLP will become cheaper than you bought them (if it is very simple to explain)
PTX was useless from birth, and it remains so now, it will always get cheaper until the developers make some utilities for it
Therefore, it makes no sense to be a liquidity provider in position dex 2.0
does not make sense, because you get a useless and very cheap token, so no one needs position dex now

Thankyou for replying.

I wasn’t trying to say they were the same. More that one appears to now be quite integral to the future direction and one is gathering dust going no-where fast.

Looking to see if there’s a plan for PTX or if not, a way to phase it out.

Hello @marcduffy10 thank you for sharing with us your concern and question regarding PTX and PLP. As our friend @Willsun said these two are of a totally different nature. So they cannot be compared.

For PTX, team definitely has plan to bring utilities and Usecases to its second utility token on its own blockchain. Because of Time and Resources shortages at the time being, all the focus is on Futurx to make it a success. Because the success of Futurx will actually open the gate for all our features and products to rise.