Question about posi

Hi @Justin, I know you won’t be responding to this post like you did to 80% here.

but why don’t you remove the RFI ? it shouldn’t be too big a deal, if too much is connected makes posi coin v3 …

and how is the chain going? currently it is useless…

he already answered about rfi, he can search on this forum, about posichain, posi is not a blockchain project, posichain is one of the most important functions in the ecosystem under construction, and again, the team plans to develop it as an independent chain, along with other popular and in demand blockchains, these are not my inventions, they have already answered all these questions more than once, you just had to search, or ask the admins in the discord

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if the new DPTP program fails, posi dead is what everyone has been calling fud for months, true posi 0.01

what is the meaning of these words of yours? Do you think that you wrote something not obvious? Justin and the team, like no one else, know the price of a slip, then you will be another negative member of the community, it will not be better for anyone, I understand that with every unsatisfactory result, there is a temptation to write something critical towards the creators if you want to follow this way into crypto, you will just go crazy after a while, there is a lot of negativity here, because here 95% of people are looking for quick profits, and do not know how to take responsibility for their actions, and even more so for their investments, on in fact, these are all common truths for any financial / investment market.
If I may, I would like to give you some advice:
If you criticize, then with a detailed question, and even better with a proposal, but no manipulation and negativity
We are all ordinary people here, as a team of creators, and it all comes down to one thing, either they succeed, and we are with them, or not, and we will not succeed with them and lose the value of our assets, you can just fix the loss (which whatever it is) and save at least some of the money, or figure out what kind of project it is, what it is striving for, why it has this or that function, and from this make a decision whether to believe in it completely or not. If you don’t want such an alignment (50/50), then you shouldn’t invest in anything other than yourself (my personal opinion)


what are you talking about with patience and time?

it’s Knapl 2 years for 16 months the price is falling daily with no support.

until justin and his team are ready, there will certainly be more projects that offer the same thing. once is not forever.

justin no longer communicates with the community except for a few words.

posi is maybe 10% community driven, rest is arbitrary and testing.

in september the team tokens will be released… i think dptp could survive if the liquidity works, but the posicoin is as good as dead.

do you want Justin to be the main developer, and constantly answer the same questions from people like you? it’s focused on development, you’re talking about other projects that have the potential to “fill a niche” then you should find those projects and look around and maybe they’ll satisfy you
I wrote to you that if you write questions that you wrote, then I conclude that you don’t understand at all what this or that element is needed for, which is developed by the team
what other 10% are you talking about? where are you going to get all this from? in your fiction there is nothing from reality
if the team gave 80% of the total emission for farm, that is, for people who invested in this project, for various reasons, and not a small part of 80% was dumped by these same people into the market + the collapse of ALL MARKETS + it has always been an altcoin with a small capitalization, but many people think that posi was supposed to do 10x in spite of the general collapse, funny
I tell you again, take responsibility for your investments, no one took your money away from you, and if you didn’t calculate the risks from the very beginning, then this is only your problem

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I speak for myself, I decided that I am in this project to the end, either it will be a success and I will be right, or not, and I will lose, what I invested in this project, everything is very simple, I took the risks and do not shift them on others
And if I write criticism to the team, then it never touches on the price, and similar topics
Do research, study posi, dydx, gmx, whatever you want, if this research leads you to think that this is a worthwhile project, for your money, then just spend your energy and your time on it, and not on incomprehensible conjectures about posi

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where does justin and his team work? there are always new deadlines that are not met, and in the end there are problems and errors again.

investors are afraid to come here.

one should remove the governance “tag” posi because only irrelevant things are coordinated. and if the team doesn’t like it, it won’t be done.

things like that ptx should have been tuned.

and i never said posi should do x10. it would be sxhon enough if the price stopped falling. but it is inevitable that we will drop to 0.02. why should users keep positive? for vesting ptx? for cheap rewards on the posichain which is currently useless.

of course dptp should be successful and the volume should increase, we see positive with other prices. but it is a long way to get there, and it will be rocky and difficult.

I know what I’m writing sounds like fud but it’s the opinion of a posi holder since the beginning and in the top 100 holders.

Hello Donner,

I’ll address your questions.

  1. We recognize the significance of eliminating RFI fees. However, it would have a tremendous impact on both the token and the project. In response to recent community requests, our team is preparing a comprehensive proposal outlining the technical and business implications. If the community approves, we’ll initiate the migration to a non-RFI token on the BNB Chain.

  2. POSI Chain is essential for DPTP’s growth, so it cannot be deemed useless. We’re aware that currently, no Dapps are running on POSI Chain. The basic DEX has finished, and we’ll soon begin developing tools and special features to facilitate developers’ expansion to POSI Chain more effectively. Nonetheless, our team’s short term priority remains to resolve DPTP’s issue.

We know the prices are dropping daily, but our team is tirelessly working to develop a superior and faster product. We still hope for the community’s and your personal support. We will more frequently share our roadmap details and invite the community to suggest modifications, transitioning toward a truly community-driven project. Thank you.


#fee @JustinPosition, sir, please pay attention to the condition of the farm and pool system there is increasingly unreasonable, the price of PTX has dropped too badly, and the fees we pay for harvest and claim are very high, now we have to pay a fee equivalent to 50% of the existing claim value, not yet if it is calculated harvest fee and exchange PTX to posi, then we pay more fees than we receive this is not reasonable, Care about our stakers at the current posi price fortress.

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I saw the team started removing RFI on PositionExchange’s GitHub :thinking: it’s going on?