Question to Justin about a competitor

I came across a platform unidex, it also specializes in derivatives, but they already support 6 networks, including zksync, they also have shares, and forex for trading, and they also promise a new version where there will be no need switch between networks to trade in any supported network and this is a very interesting idea that may appeal to a lot of people, and at first glance this project with current and future features may become one of the leaders, but perhaps I did not see the disadvantages of this platform in the comparison with futurx and PositionEx.
Kindly point out the clear and undeniable advantages of futurx / PosiEx against the backdrop of this project

Ohh sorry Im not justin. Im only chiming in cuz I remember this project. I used to be in this. Back in the day, this project looked soooooo bad, looked so low budget. Interface wise. But I see they have improved now. I see they have had a rebranding done. Its improved from before but i still find this rebranding lacking. I think theybcould also benefit from the Posi route of seperating its derivatives but i guess that goes against rheir vision for now of the brand for unidex as the all in one stop. Just my 2 cents. They had a good model and foundation from the last time i saw and they didnt have derivatives back then but were having a tough time gaining momentum and user base/engagement. I remember they were mostly focused on aggregation which looks like they still are and seem to have some good development. Looking at their perps right now though, on quick glance, doesnt look so innovative. Seem quite generic. I wouldnt use Unidex as a benchmark for perps atleast there are better prokects out there innovating/building the perps space for much cheaper. But it does look like it has good potential as a defi hub, but for 4 bucks per token price point, its not cheap if people are looking for like “hail marys” haha. It could really pump again with the right parnerships and revranding/marketing.

I don’t know what happened to this project in the past, but I see it now, it looks a little raw, and definitely not a “must-have” dex-futures, but nevertheless, it is already gaining momentum, even if we look at the coin of the project (which can serve as an index of “success”), it made its ATH this year, I doubt that if this project had not been in demand, then its coin would have risen in price so much this year.
In general, I wrote this post not only because I saw a promising competitor for futurx
rather, because more and more interesting projects appear in the field of defi futures, while we are struggling with liquidity, and it’s not a fact that there will again be no failures with new projects

I mean Unidex does have good dex, pools and the fact they are focused on aggregation somewhat makes it in a different category than FuturX specifically right now but maybe for POSI, but POSI definitely is far behind in development than Unidex if we are conparing overall dex/swaps/pools/aggregators aspects, but it is really interesting that I read they aggregate their perp trading too so thats pretty cool actually. They just need to get the word out there more cause thats pretty interesting actually in respect to their perp. But right now when you look deeper, they dont really have volume or users and their conmunity is even more stagnant than POSIs, I cant find any indication that they are gaining momentun. Their price is like this likely cause they have such a low token supply structure, only reported at 4 million max while POSI is at 100 million. And they have good incentives for holding the token. Id probably buy some for their revenue sharing too. Its got good potential. But too bad its over my budget now for me to buy a significant size position cause I like big sizes. But its fairly easy to move the price of a 4 million supply project especially when the holders are not selling. POSI will soon have revenue sharing too for POSI holders right? So thatll be a good incentive later potentially, if this project starys making a lot of money. So right now Id rather put my trust in POSI while I still can buy a ton of it for really cheap.

It is not so important what emission, the main thing is demand. Or perhaps the creators of unidex did their tokenomics more competently than posi, which gave 80% to the community, which, at any opportunity, sells all its posi on the market, I think this is exactly the strategic mistake that led to such a price drop + collapse of all markets + decline demand for this coin, but anyway, if developers have distributed coins more intelligently initially, we could have avoided the -99.7% drop from ATH to ATL
More competent projects keep at least 30% of the total issue in their hands, and the community gives up to 50%
Perhaps due to this mistake, the most loyal coin holders who survived this reset and accumulated all the time will become very wealthy people, who knows…
I myself keep and only accumulate posi, I see the concept of interaction of all posi products and further development, the only question is competent implementation from the developers and good luck
But it’s anyway 2 ways
-Either, a powerful combo and consolidation and gradual growth
-Either, a flash of interest after the main futurx network, again some kind of failure that will kill completely the project
p.s I do not consider the option that after the release of futurx, that it will not show any results (my premonition)
one way or another, I would rather take a chance for the opportunity than sit on the sidelines, and then regret it when it’s too late (but without fanaticism)

This is a good observation.
I have previously mentioned that while PositionEx was one of the first to attempt many of the needed features in the DEX space, there are others with related features, so PositionEx needs really need to move quickly