Removing an RFI

As far as I know, coins that have an RFI system in the contract cannot be added to binance in any way, and as far as I know, removing RFI from the contract is a matter of several hours, the question is:
When will the RFI be removed?

I think to remove RFI is create another token like posi v3. Its not simple like we think

Don’t forget that we don’t have RFI on Posichain.

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but will this be enough for binance? and most of the emission, audit, history, all this is only on bsc

You are talking about the history. Yes, it’s correct that by now roughly all of working has been on bsc, nevertheless, the history can’t deny all of these successes even if it’s going to be kept going on another Blockchain such as Posichain.


If you ask about removing RFI on BSC, I think we must re-issue new token (new contract). And yes posi don’t have RFI on posichain.

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Removing the RFI from the token contract is a multi-step process that requires careful consideration and preparation. The first step is to create a new token contract using commonly accepted standards, which is a relatively straightforward process that can be completed in less than five minutes.

Next, it’s necessary to engage with the community and propose the migration, which can be a complex and time-consuming process that could take months or more. It’s important to ensure that third-party platforms are also updated during this process.

Before proposing the migration to the community, it’s important to have a new staking pool and farms in place, and to ensure that there is sufficient liquidity to support the growth of the token.

While the process of removing the RFI can be challenging, it’s critical to move forward with the migration to the Binance Chain in order to ensure the long-term success of the token.


A suggestion from whale team.
Why your not listing on tier 1 cex like blur or Core DAO tokens. In one day they listed on all tier 1 cex gained 200 - 300,000,000$ marketcap They’re becoming more trend in crypto market still gaining lots of users .Meme tokens are getting listed there gaining millions of marketcap why not posi even we have fantastic features what is the issue to list posi on that Cex . @justin @Dragon we are not asking u to list on binance just list on huobi + kraken + coinbase + +Okex at a time in one day see the result .lots of newcomers lots of volume on dptp and more revenue fee and more marketcap. Exchanges itself promote posi and influencers as follows with free of cost. Everyone new project following this. Your doing listings in improper way which is not fair at all. If u have funds issue just do fundraising community is there and binancelabs + smartchain + okex + kucoinlabs + ventures what is your problem? From how many months we are asking u constantly do listings at a time. We are requesting you do 5 top cex listings at a time see the is here to do fundraise just try to list on that 5 cex at a time please :+1:

Hello Revanth. Thank you for the valuable feedback and suggestions. Regarding listing on Tier1 exchanges, you are right about increasing the number of investors. We are already listed on Kucoin and Bybit which are among Tier 1 exchanges and 13 other exchanges. We will try in future to get listed on more exchanges though.

About partnership, we are partnering with OKX blockchain and its official news will come out next month. Also the negotiations are ongoing with other big projects as we are speaking now.

We hope to have a much better ways of expanding the project in near future

When u die then it will

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Let’s be respectful to each others :pray:

Please be respectful to each others :pray:

First tell to him and community

As a responsibility we are giving suggestions and we invested in this project
We are saying to u not to other sense less holders

I asked both of you, my friends

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All ideas are welcomed , and I appreciate your concerns

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wow, boy, how do you have so much bile? I just called your text stupid, but you are ready to hang me on the pillar of your naive fantasies, stop following the price chart every 5 minutes, and you will feel better))

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As you please guy, the main thing is do your homework this weekend
For the representative of the “whale team” should not cast a shadow on his reputation as the best C student in the class, investor, billionaire, philanthropist. This dispute is not worth it mate))

There’s no liquidity on Posichain, so you need to stop talking about it for now.

One can’t overemphasize this.
The dev team intends to start a new dptp project within less than 6 weeks to solve liquidity issues because they decided to put interest in it. The community has however been asking for the removal of RFI fees for a long while and there seems not to be interest from the dev team to pursue that.

@justin We know Posichain doesn’t have rfi fees, however, that is not where most trading happens, and we have no liquidity on the posichain. Developers are also not building on the chain, as most of the actions seem to be on Binance chain. Please, help the project grow in the right direction by removing the RFI fees and lets POSI attract more trader/investor. As it has been noted, this should also fast-track ability to list in more top exchanges and ease the multichain plan. There are a lot of projects that are trying to do what POSI currently does, and if we miss the golden opportunity we might see many investors not promoting POSI as we would have desired. Projects fail not necessarily because of bad products (PositionEx has great products), but sometimes because of missed opportunities and timing.