Replace the Word DPTP With PERP Dex

It is very critical that we replace the word DPTP with PERP Dex. This is so that when people search google for perpetual trading platforms, Position Exchange’s perpetual trading will always be a part of the search results. Then market it as a fully decentralized, fully on-chain PERP Dex, and make users know that it’s different from others competitors.

This needs to be done with utmost urgency.

Sometimes, in life, it’s not necessary to create something from the scratch, but leverage what’s already existing and make yours better.



Thank you for your suggestion. What are your thoughts on the name “JustPerp”?

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“just perp” can be translated as “just perpetrator” does not fit))

‘PERP Dex’ will do just fine. What we tell people about our product during the marketing will be the difference maker.