Suggestion about marketing

Instead of promoting on useless social media network,
Why can’t we make partnership with tier 1 cex ? if we do it then exchanges itself promote posi just like core DAO , PI network , Aptos so many ar there . So by seeing that all biggest influencers promote posi .
By this idea we can save funds
What do u think Justin sir ?

Thank you for your nice suggestion. Fortunately we are making partnership with one of tire one exchange blockchains in this month. It will be a mutual win win with a big marketing and promotion. However, let’s not call community events useless, my friend. To keep the high spirits in a community, we need community events and engagement as well. Keeping the current users if not more, is as important as bringing new users


what is “Tire One Exchange”? maybe tier-1? then which blockchains are in tier 1? top 5 biggest TVL? or by the capitalization of the blockchain coin?

For that to know you need to wait a couple of days :innocent:

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