Suggestion Slogan for FuturX

Hi @justin @Dragon !
According to the previous publication about name suggestion for our futures platform, having been adopted the name FuturX (an impactful name), we decided to take the initiative to suggest an equally impactful slogan for FuturX.
The slogan is as important as the name, as it attracts user curiosity and gives a brief insight into the vision of FuturX. A short, clean and attractive slogan can attract users!
So we suggested these three slogan attached that we would like to have reviewed by the team and put to the vote by the community. We also value other slogan that the community can suggest in the comments of this post so the team can have a wider choice!
Thank you, and keep doing a great job!


Hello BrunoDK,

Thank you for your suggestion. Our team has also come up with some ideas for the slogan, with the most appealing one being:

Beyond Borders, On-Chain Futures

A few other options include:

Revolutionize Futures Trading

Seamless Decentralized Futures

We encourage the community to engage in a discussion and help us select the most favored slogan. Additionally, it’s essential to establish the vision and mission for FuturX. Our team is currently working on this, and we will share it with the community once it’s ready.


here, random slogan goes brrr

  1. Trade Smarter, Not Harder
  2. Unleash Your Trading Potential
  3. Your Gateway to the Future of Trading
  4. Trade with Confidence
  5. Trade Faster, Trade Better
  6. Where the future of trading begins…
  7. Take your trading to the next level
  8. Trade like a pro.

just add +FuturX at every sentence perhaps


Revolutionize Futures Trading


For me, this slogan fits perfectly into the vision of FuturX!


It would be great to. vote on it

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Yes, i agree, the team could open a snapshot votation with the suggested slogans, as in previous times :wink:


Beyond Borders, On-chain Futures.

Beyond Borders, On-chain Futures.

FuturX “The Brand of Decentralization”

FuturX “Experience the Future Of Decentralization”

  1. FuturX - Futures Decentral
  2. FuturX - Redefined Futures
  3. FuturX - Xtreme Futures

I like the Beyond Borders, On-Chain Futures

But for the sake of suggesting something, here is mine:

FuturX - Trade without boundaries

“Beyond Borders, On-Chain Futures” fits perfectly. Just to expand the options, maybe replacing “Cross-chain” with “On-chain” would sound good…


All slogans are really appealing and nice :ok_hand:

My personal suggestion is :

Future is Ex with Futurx


Here are some suggestions for Slogans:

Inove e supere seus objetivos financeiros com FuturX ao seu lado.
Innovate and exceed your financial goals with FuturX by your side.

Transforme seu futuro financeiro com a tecnologia avançada de FuturX.
Transform your financial future with FuturX’s advanced technology.

O futuro dos seus investimentos está em suas mãos com FuturX.
The future of your investments is in your hands with FuturX.

Descubra um novo mundo de possibilidades de investimento com FuturX.
Discover a new world of investment possibilities with FuturX.

FuturX: a plataforma que coloca vocĂŞ no controle do seu futuro financeiro.
FuturX: the platform that puts you in control of your financial future.

Simplifique seus investimentos e otimize seus ganhos com FuturX.
Simplify your investments and optimize your earnings with FuturX.


@Justin_Position @Dragon


Fully On-chain Order Book

Not Your Keys, Not Your Futures…
FTX wasn’t the first and won’t be the last.

Revolutionize Futures Trading

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