Team Token Unlock 2023

Hello community,

I know the Posi team has invested a lot of time, work and money in the project, we had good times and bad times, but the community sepbst has remained large.

Now in September 2023 the team tokens will unlock 10% of the total, would it be possible for @Justin to lock part of it again? It would stop the FUD in Coinmarketcap that the team will sell all coins in September.

I believe in Position Exchange and Justin for me the coins don’t need to be lured again but it would certainly bring a lot of peace and security.


Hello Radope,

We understand your concerns, as well as the community’s, which is natural. All of us (the community and the core team) have invested a lot but have not received much returns. However, with the current situation, even if we unlock, we wouldn’t yield significant gains. Therefore we are definitely ready to extend the lock period. Locking for an additional 1 or 2 years is not a problem for us as we are devoted to seeing the project through to success. We will discuss internally with our team to determine a reasonable extension period and provide the community with an update afterward. Thank you.


It’s very good for project thank you


Justin is my CEO!!!

This will be a excellent decision and one that will bring even more credibility to the community.

We are together

Big Tuna, 2023


At this stage, no team would sell any token, as price is too low for a project like this.


the time for posi will come, im not a moonbiy saying posi will be worth thousands of dollars in the next 2-3 years but posi will reach a price that does justice to the whole project

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It would be good, to generate more confidence in new investors, and the permanence of those who are already there. I wish the posi team every success. You deserve.

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