Which POSI product do you find most interesting?

Position Exchange is the revolutionary platform that unites technological innovation with the power to change the way people invest in crypto assets, but which available product do you like to use the most?

I love the DPTP On Chain and MultiChain

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At the moment, I personally like the on-chain order book that is built into the core of posichain, and I especially like the possibilities that this feature opens up, and the recently added staking for liquidity in dptp, and the fact that the platform shares profits with people, which help the platform to be liquid to pay income to traders who trade with leverage, I have never seen or heard of such a practice anywhere else, it’s really cool
But also I have some concerns about these features,
1 is the centralization of the order book in the posichain core, and the fact that in case of any problems, then all connected supporter projects (which do not yet exist) and all functions on the posi platform also stop
2 - this is a theoretical withdrawal of all busd from the pool from users, that is, if we imagine that all users simply withdraw all the provided liquidity from this pool, then dptp will suffer, but most likely, if the people who provide liquidity will be satisfied with the income for their staking, and will be able to enjoy them without problems, then the chance of their leaving is very, very low


I forgot to add that linking the on-chain order book with the asset bridge gives the very advantage that can be a hallmark of posi, but again, there are some concerns
Namely, that bridges are often hacked and you don’t have to go far, the posichain prototype is harmony, and many people know that the harmony (horizen) bridge was hacked and a lot of money was stolen from there, as far as I remember, we are talking about tens of millions of dollars, and in along with fears of centralization of the book of orders in posichain, not the best reputation of bridges.

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What would be the first Blockchain networks that you think would be interesting to have in the POSI ecosystem? :slight_smile:

well, here are all the most popular evm compatible, but first of all it is the ethereum of course, then the polygon, avax, arbitrum, optimism, fantom, harmony


Generally, the weakness is not in the network, but in the way it was developed at the end of the resource (bridge), not necessarily that the POSI Chain network comes from Harmony ONE that we will have this same problem. Exploits and system loopholes are exploited at the front-end, i.e. in the networked application. In a decentralized network, for a Hacker to want to attack would require a lot of resources and time, which would make it unfeasible, :wink:

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of course, everything is fine, but even before the hacking of the horizen bridge, there were also hacks, and after them actions were also taken that were supposed to prevent hacking, but hackets are always looking for new ways to hack, and I just wrote that bridges in history, a very vulnerable component, and that they first of all need to be constantly improved and monitored for their safety

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:wink:Você está absolutamente certo, você deve sempre procurar maneiras de tornar as pontes mais seguras e manter o SDK sempre atualizado.