Why All This Failed Any Explanation

Do you need proof??

POSI Token Hacked just after first launch - July 2021

Dex v1 - Failed - September 2021

DPTP v1- Failed - October 2021

Staking Pools V1- Failed - Dec 2021

NFT- abandoned

Staking Pools v2 - Failed March 2022

PTX launch- Failed - September 2022

Co-Founder resigned - July 2022

Bonds - Failed

POSI Chain- Validators loss -ongoing

DPTP v2- Failed measurably - Feb 23

DEx v2- Failed - Mar 23

Staking V3 failed - Mar 23

Future staking rugged - Mar 23

OKX partnership failed

Posi Developer node surrendered - Mar 23

Kucoin stopped deposits/withrawal - Jan 23

BKex delisting iminent wrning

fake aprs/hopes

What do you understand, Justin is just playing with codes while your money is being rugged slowly. He has no developing skills, childish vision and with big big ego satisfying OCD patient.

Im not trying to normalize these trials and errors as I am also frustrated, but at the same time we all have to understand that POSI was and is still somewhat relatively “new”. These kind of things happen with startups, and believe me ive seen far worse, with my own startups and other companies Ive invested in. This is normal.

The difference is that POSI is public so you will hear about ALL the trials and errors they face throughout their journey, opposed to other start ups which are private but can assure you all have similar struggles in the beginning too. Nothing always goes to plan, but the important thing is to not give up, and be better. AND to always remember best practices. Do not hire mediocre people, and i think if I can complain about something now, it is that POSI has no brand or identity, it also seems obvious that they don’t have an experienced advisory board or CMO right now, theres probably marketing coordinators stepping up but its different when you have a clear CMO. If there is one then they are either not getting full support or just really terrible at their job. The CTO also, I don’t know the guy, but someone has to take responsibility for a lot of these backend failures and delays. Its probably not the CTOs fault but again I dont know because there is little transparency. It might not even be a dev issue at all, maybe it is something else.

Anyways a lot of businesses fail because it is not easy and usually founders stick to being loyal to the same team that is not doing a good job, only because they feel a sense of “loyalty” to them for sticking with them from the beginning. But even when they have bad performance or poor KPIs, sometimes they are still kept in the company our of loyalty. Its hard to tell people that have been there since the beginning “hey your best is just not working or not good enough and we need to find someone else to take us to the next level”. Thats why some businesses struggle cause now it becomes a “learn as you go” mentality which is where POSI is now. Don’t know how to record AMA’s well lets “learn it as we go” etc (just an example). But again if the marketing is not good, developer or community managers / social media managers, then you gotta find better. Have to have an excellent team, proven people that HAVE DONE it before, and not a team where you learn as you go otherwise you will be stuck here in this level. If a project is not surrounded by people whove done and proven to have success before (board/partners/advisors/team members), then its tricky cause you lose all those veteran experience and wisdom from people whove done it before. I keep hearing POSI will partner when it develops the products, but thats backwards thinking, most startups before they even begin, they seek advisory and partners, then these people bring in their experience and theres LESS delays from trials and erros or again that “learning as you go”. Also, there is a difference between having just “marketing experience” to having “marketing experience and successfully executing strategies to effectively grow a project”. Everyone can have experience but doesnt mean they did a good job at their previous companies. They have to be proven. These are just examples, im not blaming anyone or one particular person. Anyway right now POSI is still alive and persevering to find solutions every single day.

At the end of the day, all the exchanges and coins that survived to this day had experienced one form of tough beginnings, even Binance was hacked 40million early on and there was a time when it was shutdown for a week which is unacceptable back then in this industry, and wasnt there a $600 million hack again last year or year before? I dont remember. But I guess that is the point, noone really will remember these things, cause all that matters now is that CZ did not give up, he kept being his charismatic self and built Binance to what it os today.


I dont agree all, but some of the points seem valid. Posi was hacked before the final contract was launched, which was fully audited and secured.

Regarding Dex, DPTP, Staking, Chain etc, the team has not done anything to make them successful.

Then made Dex/DPTP v1 and then started developing V2. They made V2 and then started upgrading. They had taken a lot of time that, BSW which was launched after POSI is No 2 Dex with binance listing today. They didn’t become that successful overnight…they kept a balance of development- Partnership- Marketing always from day 1.

Development is a continuous process! What the team is doing wrong here is only development. They develops something, then expects to become successful overnight but when it doesn’t work, they go for V2 development and V3 and so on… Time is flying and your development always lagging behind other projects who in the meantime develops further. You are going low on funds as you have no working product. Let your present products work for good, make money and engage new developers.

Please give time to each of your products. Projects are successful with simple products too.

Another big issue:-

Biggest fud of this project is by the team! How? Your mods keep giving people hope, while things are going other way. Be truthful and keep updating your investors what are the issues and progress. Mods tell, trade in DPTP /Participate in DPTP portfolio competition while truth is there is no liquidity. You say stake and earn rewards, while there is unstaking issues.

Dear @Ihtisham12

Hello. Thank you for sharing your concern with us. It is good to have holders who keep track of turning points and issues since day 1.

Referring to your list one by one is a time consuming task and as I will explain most of the data presented in your text cannot be agreed upon even by our beloved haters :wink: But I try to categorize your points in my answer.

While a project is developing, trials and errors are inevitable part in nature of it. Some may call it a failure while developers call it a bridge to next upper stage in development. Most of the “Failed” points of your text are not failure in nature, ex. DPTP v1 >v2 cannot be called the failure of v1!!! It is stages of development.

When there are some visual bugs which are not on a priority list of Developers, it is because they are busy with more important matters at hand like DPTP and Dex. However, all those visual bugs will be removed sooner than later.

Regarding the current issue with DPTP, both the trading platform and the staking one, let’s be fair and open our eyes on truth, rather than calling a responsive, committed and responsible team as scam. There were some abusers among the very usual traders who exploited the nobility of the protocol brought us a big loss. The team is the first victim itself. Justin explained in full details that the team will work hard until all funds are back to each and every staker and legit trader.

I understand the frustration which is mainly caused by this very long bear market and our features’ incomplete functionality, but will it all be over by attacking the team, accusing them of all sorts of frauds?

If you are a true holder of Posi, you would consider revising your words as it will hurt your own investment in the first place and other holders next.

Thanks for your understanding :pray:

Dear @DRU

Thank you for informative content and support. I believe in investors like you who judge the project fairly while they have their own opposite point of views.

Let’s keep the support till the success day. :raised_hands:

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